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Kill Boredom with Play With Friends Feature on Virtual Platforms

  • Published Date January 11, 2021
  • By Admin

Kill Boredom with Play With Friends Feature

Having a tough time being physically cut off from friends? Miss those joyful days of playing your favourite card games with them? Bored with video call apps and looking for something entertaining to spend quality time with your loved ones?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of us are distanced from each other, and video calls may prove to be the saviours. However, to be on video call all the time can be pretty depressing. This is because we miss them, and we end up remembering past memories. 

Although you can’t be in the same room with your friends and family, you can still have a gala time with them through online social casino games - the best solution to have fun and to stay in touch at the same time! The popularity of the internet in our lives enables us to stay connected with loved ones, anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the digital avatar of online card games where you can play both online and with your friends. Forget the computer-generated opponent. Now you can conveniently have virtual gaming sessions with your BFFs from the comfort of your home. Make your gaming sessions fun, interactive and most importantly, totally FREE!

Multiple online card games

There is nothing like challenging your friends to a card game to get your competitive juices flowing. Instead of installing different apps or signing up with many websites to play card games of your choice the best and the easy way is to use apps that already have multiple games in them. 

One account, lots of games, and the opportunity to play multiplayer games with friends - what is not to like about that? Now you might be wondering which site offers multiple games in one app and also for free. Well, Gamentio is one example that offers various online casino games all under one roof.   

Play with friends on a private table

Apart from playing with random players across the globe, there are several sites that allow you to play with your friends and colleagues with the Play with friends feature where you can create your private room. Invite friends to play your favourite online card games and enjoy socially and geared toward playing with players you already know. 

Whether you have friends who live across the street or any part of the world, this fantastic feature is like your whole gang is confined with you on the same table. To get started, all you need is sign-up, invite your friends to play and let the magical world unfold before them!

There are many online casino games where you can not only just play, but interact, and make your gaming experience more exciting by using command-based gestures and expressions when playing virtually. You can play 24/7, enjoy the thrill, chat while you play and win lots and lots of coins. Apart from providing a digital platform to play and have fun, let’s see what makes online card games highly engaging and entertaining:

Best way to bond

With time there comes a gap between friends. Whether it’s your job or any other commitments, you might distance yourself from them physically.  But with the availability of an online platform, you can be together. Playing card games with your buddies is a great way to bond with them. The best part is that these games are accepted and embraced by people of all ages. Isn’t it a great way to connect with your whole family over your favourite game while everyone relaxes on a Saturday night at home? Don’t let distance come in the way of friendship.

Connect with friends and relatives

You can play poker, rummy, or 3 patti with your friends or cousins who live in other parts of the country. Apart from engaging over video calls that can be a bit boring, you can do a fun activity by indulging in the game of your choice. Also, the chat facilities provided by many sites offer in-game chat where you can share your feelings with the help of emojis.

Great stress buster

Whether you are playing rummy, 3 patti, or any other card game, you can play with your loved ones without feeling any pressure to win. In fact, playing with family and friends will act as a great stress buster that will relieve you of your everyday problems and fill your mind with positive energy. The digital version of casino games strikes a work-life balance even when you can’t meet your friends physically. 

Key life lessons

Apart from having great fun and entertainment, the best part of these games is that it simultaneously teaches you life lessons that might be useful to achieve success in real life too. For instance, by observing your opponents and their moves closely, you learn to be a patient observer. You realise the significance of patience when you wait for the cards that you need to complete your meld. So, apart from fun and thrill, you get additional benefits also.

How to refer to a friend on a private table?

Although every site has its own steps to set up a private table. But the following points will serve as an example and will give you a general idea of how to invite your friends. Luckily, that is not a demanding task, and you can quickly get it done in a few steps.

Step 1.Sign up on your preferred site(skip if already registered) and click on the desired game in the game lobby. 

Step 2: Select your favourite game option.

 Select the favorite game on Gamentio

Step 3: Once you are done, you will enter into the looby. You have “Play With Friends” tab along with the two options.

A Host

B Join

Select the host tab on Rummy lobby

Select the “Host” tab.

Step 4. Enter the numeric value and click on “Next”.

Enter the numeric value and click on Next to se game

Step 5. Click on the add friend button on the bottom right of the casino room. Only the Host can see the shareable button.

Copy code to invite friends on Gamentio

Step 6. Click on “Copy” and share it with your friends either through Whatsapp, Skype, social media, or any other channel.

Step 7. Once your referral friend clicks on the link you shared, they will directly enter the room.

How to join a room created by your friend

Once the room code/link is shared by a friend hosting the private room, follow these easy steps to join the room:

Step 1: Sign up to create your account (skip if already registered).

Step 2: Click on the game selected by your hosting friend.

Step 3:  You will enter into the looby. On this screen, you have the “Play With Friends” tab.

Step 4: Click on the “Join” button.

Step 5: Enter the room code shared by your friend. You can also join the room by URL which the host has shared with you. 

Start your journey with a fun and unlimited excitement!

What do your friends get? Once your buddy will sign-up using the invite link sent by you and get their number verified, they will get a welcome bonus.

What do you get? When your referral will sign-up using your invite link and get their number verified, you will get a referral bonus on each “successful referral.”

What do all of you get? Unlimited fun in the casino room is, of course, always there. Apart from that, Gamentio is one such platform that gives an opportunity to its users to use their virtual currency on online auctions. This is an advanced feature of the site and the only online casino site that offers its players to do so. All you have to do is play games with your buddies, bid and win the products of your desire from the comfort of your living room.   

Now that you know that playing with friends can multiply the fun as well as strengthen your bond of friendship, start inviting them right away! Create your online club and invite friends to play poker, 3 patti or rummy.

Creating a virtual private room at home is easier to set up than hosting physically at home. No tension to clean up the mess afterwards, and less time spent in setting up the room and more time in playing. Great, isn’t it! 

Forget about filming Instagram reels, binge-watching or reviving a sourdough starter and dive into the thrilling world of online gaming. It does not matter if you are a novice player, a professional, or someone who wants to make the most of their free time. The world of online gaming is open for everyone.


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