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Bored of Ludo? Here are 3 Mobile Multiplayer Games you can Play with your Family and Friends

  • Published Date May 14, 2020
  • By Admin


There are at least two things that you are missing during social distancing, i.e. fun and your loved ones. Lockdown, Covid-19, social distancing, quarantine, all of these words are making people crave for time with family and friends they can’t meet. “Mobile multiplayer games to play at home” is becoming one of the most searched terms during this phase. Everyone wants innovative ways to keep themselves entertained while interacting with their loved ones. Private online tables are the saving grace. 

Done with the old school Ludo? Worry not, here are three of the most played casino card games that you and your family can try their hands at. Make gaming more fun by using command-based gestures and expressions while playing online. 

Not many online casino games offer private table, as many of them have “blind lobbies” which means you can play with random players. But what about those who want to enjoy games with their loved ones? Can you play online card games with your family and friends? Thankfully, yes! Gamentio offers the advantage of the “Play with friends” feature. Not only you can have a gala time but also create your own personal or private table and invite your friends for all the gambling fun. 

Whether you have family and friends trapped inside across the street or across the country, this feature is like your whole gang is confined right there with you on the same table.  So, let’s tell you the three thrilling best multiplayer games:


Online Poker is one of the most popular and addictive online card game. It is one of the top games in the casino world. A key factor that propels this popularity is that Poker is considered as legal in India. It is a game of skill, luck, and strategy and has absolutely no taboo attached to it (unlike in some Asian countries). 

What is interesting about Poker is that there are many variants with Texas Hold’em as one of the most popular ones. The game objective is simple. Make the best five-card combination from your two-pocket cards and the five community cards.

Wanna enjoying Poker without any investment? Awesome proposition, isn’t it? Sometimes, you want to play for fun and don’t want to risk your money. At Gamentio, you can play online at any hour of the day, without even worrying about losing your money. Playing especially with family and friends is fun. Not only this. You can play Poker for real money that too with minimum buy-ins and win breathtaking cash prizes. 


Rummy or Rammy is one of the most long-standing popular card game. The game of ‘draw and discard’. Rummy is that dose of entertainment that rejuvenates your soul and mind. Like Poker, there are many types of Rummy. One of the most popular variants is the Indian Rummy

Rummy is also a skill-based game, and the rules are simple to learn and master. The objective of the game is to meld your 13 cards into valid sets and sequence before your opponents do it. 

Online Rummy is almost the same as offline Rummy. The only difference is you can play this game 24/7 with your loved ones from the comfort of your home with just a click on your phone. Fun!

Apart from having fun and entertainment, there are also benefits to play online Rummy. To know more about benefits, read here. Playing Rummy will surely be a part of your fun session once you start playing it.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti, also known as Indian Poker, is the most loved card game among young and older people. It is a highly addictive card game. In fact, many players are getting hooked with this exciting game as it is engrossing the heart of gamers. It is rare that you call it a quit after playing one round. 

Teen Patti is a competitive game where the best three cards win the pot. The online version of the game has even captured more people due to its ease of learning and the entertaining factor associated with it.

Although this game is considered a game of luck, by applying some strategies, you can improve your chances of winning. To spice up your experience of playing online Teen Patti, you can play variations such as AK47, Muflis, Highest Card Joker, etc. So, if you are familiar with traditional Teen Patti, experience the new way of playing online. 

If you haven’t tried out any of these multiplayer card games yet, seriously you are missing out on loads of fun. As we all are maintaining social distancing due to ongoing corona virus pandemic, there couldn’t be a way to have fun than by playing these social casino games. Reconnect with your loved ones and create memories with us on Gamentio over a private table, just like old days. 

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