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Gamentio Online Casino Tournaments - A blessing for Beginners

  • Published Date January 8, 2021
  • By Admin


 Gamentio Online Casino Tournaments - A blessing for Beginners

Struggling to get the outcomes that you are expecting when playing online casino games and tournaments? Are you frustrated when playing tournaments you do not last until another end of the radar? Do you wonder how players consistently win whereas you lack behind? Are you looking for ways to go deep? 

Taking the first step can be difficult, and if you haven't played before you might don't want to risk your money right away. That's where we come for your rescue

Gamentio gives an opportunity to new players to play for free, test things out and get a feel of the game. Did you know when you play Gamentio online tournaments there are perks? You can register and play for free. Even though you are playing for free, the level of thrill and fun is as thrilling as paid games. These free tournaments are very popular among beginners who prefer to play for recreation and enjoy playing with players across the country who share the same common interest.

Free tournaments on our site have been a breath of fresh air for all card game enthusiasts of the current generation. They are a rolling stream of excitement, and the site is the leading hosts of extensive online casino tournaments across the entire year! The tournaments are held daily throughout the weeks at various dates and times. 

The site organizes numerous poker, teen patti, and online rummy tournaments. With an excellent user interface and customizable 3D avatars, we make sure that our players are fully engrossed. The graphics are so real and vibrant that you will feel like you are playing in a real casino.

Whether you prefer to play online free rummy tournaments or 3 patti or poker tournaments, they are best for the part-timer gamers whose only purpose is entertainment. With free online tournaments, you can have a light, casual, and relaxing time without putting your hard-earned cash. So, no worrying about losing money in these games. 

Thousands of players play free tourneys every day, as it is an ideal way to practice, learn as well as refine your online skill and strategies. To participate in your chosen tourney, it is essential to register beforehand. 

If you are new to the game, you can learn the nuances of your preferred game and side by side win thousands of Gamentio coins. If you have been playing for a while, these tournaments will give you the chance to hone your strategic and tactical skills. 

There are many gaming sites that provide the opportunity to play for real money to the professional players, but it is only Gamentio that gives a chance to beginners to practice and play for free before heading to play for real money. 

To succeed in any card game tournaments, you should ensure that your strategies, skills, and concepts are clear and sharp. This can only be done with practice. The trick is before joining any tournament for real money, warm-up yourself by playing a few tourneys. This practice will not go waste and make sure that you make your mark in the tourney that you play on Gamentio. 

But remember the key to playing a tourney is to stay in the game till the last, which means… survival! And in order to survive in the tournament, you have to collect as many chips as possible. This is because once they are finished, you are out of the game. 

Success in any forte, in this case, rummy and poker, a skill game, totally depends on a step by step approach towards mastery of the game. If you are thinking of testing your skills on a bigger scale, before heading to play for real money, come and practice on Gamentio!

Advantages of Playing Free Tournaments on Gamentio

As there are many online casino gaming platforms that give an opportunity to play for real money only to the seasoned players, but very few inspire the newbies. Gamentio is the only site that gives a chance to new players to hone their skills. Also, if you are not comfortable playing with random players, you can create your own private table and play rummy, teen patti, or poker tournaments online with friends.

If you feel your rummy, poker, or teen patti skills are rusty, and some polishing is needed, this is the perfect way to do it. You can compete with your loved ones as well as other players across the country in real-time games, battle by wits, and techniques to progress in next rounds. 

Playing at free tournaments opens a wide window of opportunity for newbies to gain experience and understand the dynamics of implementing various tactics in different situations. As there are several rounds in tournaments, you get to play multiple hands in a limited time. In short, a training ground for the future battle for real money tournaments. These tourneys will help you become a professional player, and you don’t have anything to lose. 

How to join an online casino tournament on Gamentio

To join any tournaments on Gamentio is a piece of cake. Just follow these quick and simple steps, and you will be on your way to have a great time.

Sign up on Gamentio app

To get started, download the Gamentio Android or iOS app and create a new account - it only takes a couple of minutes. Sign up on Gamentio, choose your ID, select a password and confirm your email address. 

Once your sign up process is complete, you will receive 250 coins worth Rs 25 as a welcome bonus.

 See the tournament details on Gamentio game lobby

Visit the Gamentio lobby and click on the preferred game you are interested in participating. Do lookout for the tournament timing before getting registered. You can also click on the tournaments tab visible on the left side of the screen to directly go to the tournament page.

Register for a specific tournament on Gamentio

Click on “Play tournaments”. All tournaments are displayed here, and you can pick one of your choices. Once you have decided the preferred tournament, you need to register for the same. In the game lobby, you can see the entry fee, prize pool, seats left, start time, and the register button.

Click register now button to proceed for tournament

Click on the “Register” button for a tournament you are willing to participate in. A pop-up notification will come to confirm. You need to click on the ‘register now’ button to confirm the registration.

: Buy or earn coins on Gamentio

When you successfully register the coins will be deducted from your Gamentio account. 

If you don’t have enough coins to join the tourney, you can purchase or earn them. You will get a similar pop-up to this.

 Earn coins by sending an invite to your Facebook friends to Gamentio

You can click on the ‘Buy Now or Earn’ option. This will take you to the ‘Buy Coins’ section where you can add coins to your account. After depositing, you can proceed to register and join the tournament. 

 Why are Gamentio tournaments such a craze

Another option is you can also earn coins by sending an invite to your Facebook friends to Gamentio. On each successful referral, 100 coins will be added into your account. So, once you have registered, you can track the status of the particular tourney.

At the end of each deal, depending upon the score of all losing players, the player who won will win the tournament chips.

At the end of the tournament, the players are ranked in the order of the chip amount. The player with the highest number of chips will be the player with the highest rank and so on.

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How does the Gamentio tournament work?

The tournament begins when it goes live. You are seated randomly across multiple tables on the basis of the number of players joining the tournament.  

Each player seated at the table will play a fixed number of chips, and the number of games played will be equal to the number of players seated at the table.

The tourneys are generally based on a first-come-first-serve basis. The tournament will close 5 minutes prior to the starting time. If the enrolled participant does not show up when the tournament begins, the game with their seat reserved on starts with an autoplay mode. 

A player will have to make their turn within the stipulated time to complete the move. If they fail to attempt a turn within the specified time, the turn will be passed to the next opponent. If they miss three turns in a row, they will be dropped from that particular tournament. 

As the game progresses, the players will be assigned ranks according to their chips at the end of the deal. Whosoever has the maximum chips at the end of the deal will progress to the next round of the tournament. Each table will have one winner, and the winners from every table will compete against each other in the next table.

Why are Gamentio tournaments such a craze?

One word - Auction involved. The card game enthusiasts would not miss one such an opportunity where they can use the winning coins in auctions. Gamentio is one of the top online auction sites with more than 2.5 lakh registered users. It is a legitimate online auction site where you can bid and win on branded items at a sensational discount of 95%. There are exciting selections of products like wireless headphones, shopping vouchers, storage devices, home appliances, and a whole lot more. 

It is only and only Gamentio that allows its users to use their winning coins by participating in bidding and win the products of their dreams from the comfort of their home at just fractions of their retail costs. With the opportunity to play tournaments for free and collect chips, and using those chips on Gamentio auctions, it gives even more reason to get in the mix and join the fun! 

Playing free tournaments is the best way to practice and improve your skills. Through rummy, 3 patti, and poker tournaments, you also get an opportunity to compete and socialize with other card game enthusiasts like yourself. In addition, you get a chance to win products of your dreams at rock bottom prices. Once you gain mastery in the game, enter the paid tourneys and win bigger prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the tables and let the madness begin!

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