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Gamentio organises many kinds of Poker and Rummy Tourneys

  • Published Date April 27, 2019
  • By Admin

Rummy Poker Tournaments

Gamentio is a very attractive online 3D social casino gaming portal. Making leaps and bounds in innovative gaming ideas, Gamentio is quickly spearheading the online casino games tournaments industry. Tournaments for beginners and pros alike. They even have something for the part-time gamer whose only purpose is entertainment. There is definitely something or the other to attract players of all ages and genders. Gamentio regularly organizes GTD ((guaranteed to be distributed) tournaments. This simply means that at the end of the tourney at least the minimum set prize will be distributed as per the rankings of the winners. 

While there are multiple types of tournaments in the world of online card games, Gamentio is known for organizing the most exciting knockout tourneys. In these tournaments, two versions are provided – cash or coin. Let’s discuss in details the types of knockout tournaments that we can find on the Gamentio site and understand how the reward system works.

Regular Tournaments:

It is simple, you come, buy in, play, and if you don’t get knocked out you proceed further. Enjoy the regular tournaments in both online Rummy and Poker. The players start by paying an entry fee using coins (which are the virtual currency at Gamentio) or cash. While rewards here are mostly in the form of coins, sometimes (depending upon the game) prizes may even be in the form of cash depending on the medium used at the start of the game. Play one game at a time and as you win keep proceeding to the next level. The reward system is lucrative. Sometimes prizes can be as high as Rs 15,000 for a purchase of worth Rs 150. The reward amount could go to one winner or get split if there is more than one winner.

Freeroll Knockout Tournaments: 

The same rules apply as for any knockout tourney. With the major and most attractive difference being that YOU PAY NOTHING!! Start playing without buying any virtual coins or points. All that a player has to do is log in and join the tournament. Keep playing and keep winning. While the rewards might be a little less than other tourneys, the investment is zero! It is a great way to win cash without investing anything. The Freeroll knockout works for online Rummy players as well as for online Poker enthusiasts.

Satellite Knockout Tournaments: 

These tournaments are the perfect way to reach the next level of Poker tournament. While other gaming portals offer both free and paid tourneys, Gamentio specializes in the free tournament world. It might seem like a lot of effort to play a Satellite tournament for no cash or coin benefits, but the reward in this tournaments goes beyond mere monetary benefits. The winner directly qualifies for the weekly Mega Tournament!!

Mega Knockout Tournament: 

There are two ways to join this tournament. One is to win through a satellite tournament and get a direct entry in this tourney or you directly join the tourney by paying an entry fee (Buy-in). Poker mega tourney is known as MEGACASH and the rummy mega tourney is known as MAXCASH. Usually, these tournaments carry huge winning amounts. Much larger than the daily tourneys.

Taking part in Poker and Rummy tournaments is one of the coolest ways to play online games as well as winning exciting cash prizes. Knockout tournaments at Gamentio are not only fun and entertaining, but also keep you on your toes and help your reflexes to become quick. Online tournaments are definitely the next big thing in the online gaming world.

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