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Earn Quick Coins on Gamentio - Tricks and Techniques

  • Published Date December 23, 2020
  • By Admin

Earn Quick Coins on Gamentio - Tricks and Techniques

Gambling is fun! Especially when you have the chance to play for FREE! Spicing things up with some daily bonuses, watching a video, playing 3D card games, etc. is what makes playing casino games and spinning wheels more exciting. 

If you love playing poker, 3 Patti, rummy, blackjack, and other casino games, how about bringing that excitement home with you? Don’t have virtual coins to play your favourite game? Well, don’t worry. Here are the quick ways on how to unlock points on Gamentio. But before you go further, you should know what you can do with the free casino chips you earn. 

There are a plethora of sites that give you an opportunity to earn coins. You can use those to buy avatars, merchandise, unlock higher-stakes rooms, etc. But Gamentio is the only card gaming site that allows its players to participate in online auction, bidding sites in India and use their coins to grab the chance to win products at dirt cheap prices. The auctions on the site are the most popular, and the users can win their favourite product at a fraction of their retail cost.  

Feeling excited to collect coins in faster ways? Let’s begin:

Welcome bonus

In a brick-and-mortar casino, you are often welcomed with food and drink. Obviously, this is not feasible in a virtual casino. Thankfully there is a great alternative which makes players feel appreciated. However, there are many types of bonuses in the world of digital casinos. But without any doubt, a welcome bonus is the best type of reward. In fact, this is the first thing that you will see when visiting the site of a casino. 

The Gamentio site gives 250 coins as a login bonus. Once you successfully complete your registration, the coins will automatically be placed into your account. It is provided so that the users can play and try out the games without depositing anything. Use these coins skillfully and continue to accumulate more and more coins.  

Refer a friend Bonus 

Refer a friend bonus on Gamentio

Refer a friend option gives you a chance to invite your loved ones to play on the same gaming platform that too in a private room. To earn coins on Gamentio, invite your friend to join the casino site in order to get awarded. 

On each successful referral, you will instantly get 40 coins. Once your referral will sign-up and verify their mobile number through the link sent by you, they will get 250 welcome coins. On the other hand, you will get additional 60 coins once the referral verifies their mobile number. Hence, a total of 100 coins will be added in your account on each successful referral. 

You can refer your loved ones through Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform. Spread your experience of playing on Gamentio and earn coins by referring to them.

Kyon Ki ek Game Tho Banta Hai Dost!

Daily reward 

Gamentio app provides a daily reward

The one bonus that is most used and loved by the players is the daily reward. As the name suggests, it is available every single day. Opening Gamentio app daily provides a reward! Collecting daily rewards is also one of the easiest ways to earn coins. 

Registered players who have installed the app in their Android and iOS devices can claim their daily bonus. When you open the app for the first time each day, click on “Rewards” on the top left of the screen. Tap on the “Claim” in order to claim your daily bonus. Get extra coins daily. Gamble longer and win numerous coins. With Gamentio, every day is a rewarding day! 

Standalone app

Download Gamentio standalone game and get 100 coins

Looking for the best rummy, poker, or 3 patti app for free? Download the Gamentio standalone app and play free games for unlimited hours. What is more impressive is you get 100 coins for each app. As you carry your mobile devices with you everywhere, the benefit of downloading standalone apps is you can play your preferred game on the go! We bring the same card game in a virtual avatar which was previously restricted to a small group of people. Why wait for more? Download your favourite app for Android or iOS on your mobile devices now and enjoy playing with your friends or random players across the globe. 

Multiple 3D games under one roof

Multiple 3D games under one roof

Play your favourite social casino games (rummy, poker, 3 patti, blackjack and solitaire) with random players who share the same common interest. It is a perfect card gaming platform with all popular games under one roof. You can also create your private room and play with your friends, sitting in any part of the planet. Challenge one another, play for fun, and if you win, use your winning coins on auction and win the products of your desire at cost-effective prices.

Thrilling Coins Tournaments 

Participate in Thrilling Coins Tournaments on Gamentio

The tournaments on the site are exciting and fun! Along with the fun, you can earn thousands of coins. The site organizes the most exciting poker, rummy, and 3 patti tournaments. The tourneys are for absolutely free! To participate, you must register beforehand. Playing at the virtual tourney can be just as exciting as face-to-face. 

They have always been the exhilarating part of the card game, where you are pitted against the opponents of unknown calibre. The tourneys come with a big prize pool which is another stimulating factor for the card game enthusiasts. If you are the one who likes intense competition, don’t miss the opportunity to face-off against proficient players across India under one platform.


Play slot games online on Gamentio

Slots are the best way to kill boredom. It is purely a game of chance and does not require any mathematical skills. To play this game is simple. Just spin the reels and match the symbols. If the matching symbols fall on a pay line, you will win - as simple as that. Different combos offer different coins. It is a very straightforward game, and players of all skill levels can play. Even if you are new to the gambling world, you will find this game easy and a lot of fun, particularly since you never know when you might win. Play this game as a source of recreation and earn some coins side by side. Start playing, and you will surely have lots of fun!

Referral videos

Watch videos on the mobile app and earn free coins. When you are short of coins, click on “Rewards” on the top left corner of the mobile app. Click on the video. Watch the full video and earn 20 coins instantly. This is one of the most simple methods to collect coins. The more you watch, the more you gain.

Now, as you know the various ways to earn free casino chips on the Gamentio portal and how to take advantage of it, why not start earning coins NOW? Simply enter the game lobby of your preference and start playing online casino games without spending a single penny. Play and earn free casino chips and grab your chance to bid win awesome products by participating in online auctions on Gamentio.



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