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Top 10 Gambling or Casino Superstitions Around the World

  • Published Date October 28, 2020
  • By Admin

The 10 most popular superstitions in casino or gambling

Do you read horoscopes? Have a lucky charm, a lucky colour or number? Are you superstitious? On a scale from 1-10, how much would you rate yourself as superstitious? 


There are many people who won’t accept it, even if they have often crossed their fingers or knocked on wood to prevent bad luck. Most people do not take superstitions seriously, but some of these beliefs have been nurtured by most cultures - particularly when it comes to gamble in traditional casinos. Naturally, these superstitions have also extended themselves to virtual casinos too.  

Gamblers are famous for the rituals of luck that offer them a feeling of power, security, and, of course, luck. In the game of chance, bad beats are common, but bad streaks are very disturbing to players. In an attempt to find a reason, gamblers retrace their steps in an effort to find an answer, hoping to find something that can justify their losing streak. Most often, these come down to superstitious beliefs that easily become their everyday habits.

Here is the list of superstitions still believed and practised in the casino gaming industry worldwide.

Wearing Red

Wearing red superstitions in casinos

Wearing red is probably the most widespread superstition in gambling. This belief is derived from Asia, as the Chinese believe it as a lucky colour for gambling. The colour red in Chinese culture represents wealth, luck, and joy on the gambling table as well as in everyday life. Thus, on certain festive occasions, red is the colour of choice. For instance, at a Chinese wedding, it is used for everything from the bride's dress to the money envelopes that are given out. 

Unsurprisingly, these have been enthusiastically adopted by many gamblers. So, what do superstitious gamblers do? They often wear a red-coloured article of clothing to increase their winning chances. Studies have shown that when playing at casinos, punters appear to bet much more on red than on black.  

Unlucky number 7 and Lucky Number 13

Unlucky number 7 in casino gambling

Honestly, there are many numbers in the world that might be called “superstition numbers”, or bad luck and good luck numbers. We would surely all accept, however, that none is as famous (or infamous!) as numbers 7 and 13. It is not only the gamblers who see these numbers as lucky and unlucky but in fact, everyone else. 

Due to some reasons, 13 is hugely associated as a number with bad luck in western cultures, whereas other cultures have their own unluckily picks. Especially when playing roulette, many bettors are cautious with this number. On the other hand, there are some who take chances and consider 13 to be a lucky number.  

However, the 7 number is recognised as a bringer of good luck. It signifies prosperity and has a special connotation when it comes to virtual slots or certain variations of Blackjack

Avoid Counting Your Money 

Another famous casino superstition says that you should not count chips or money at the table. Most gamblers follow this when playing their favorite casino games at the casino. This is a big no-no. In the movie ‘The Gambler’, Kenny Rogers famously sang, “you never count your money when you’re sitting at the table. There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done.” 

Actually, this superstition sets the ground for reasonable behaviour. Counting your money before the game finishes and even immediately after is considered unlucky. It is not only disrespectful to your fellow gamblers who might be losing on their luck, but it is also a part of a more significant perception that pride comes before a fall.

Lucky Charm for Gambling

Many believe that a person or an object will bring them good fortune.  There are various ways in which this applies to casino superstitions. The most popular objects that are fulfilling the casino superstition are a rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, and a horseshoe. Of course, many people now realize that it is unethical to sacrifice rabbits just for their feet, so this superstition is rapidly disappearing. Taking the lucky-charm vegetation idea further, Johnny Chan, the 10-time winner of the WSOP bracelet often brings an orange to every poker game he plays. 

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Crossing Your Legs

This is one superstition that is tied to your body. Whether you are playing in  social casino games or at a traditional casino, crossing your legs when betting is believed to cross out your good luck. This is because this gesture symbolises the rejection of all possible good chances that you might get. So… perhaps don’t do it? This is quite the opposite of crossing one’s fingers. I know it might be strange, but many believe this casino superstition and will not cross their legs when playing at the tables. 

Itchy Hands

Have you ever noticed when your palms are itchy, other people tell you that the money is coming your way? Depending on from where you are, there are gambling superstitions that some think that itchy hands mean that you are to win money, whereas others expect you will lose. The notion that itchy hands bring good luck has its origins in ancient African and Native American folklore. 

Nevertheless, in Eastern European countries like Bulgaria, to have itchy hands is a sign of bad luck. Serbians think otherwise. People in their country believe that itchy hands are a good sign that will bring your money. They take advantage of this superstition, and whenever they start to feel itchiness on their hands, they go for gambling.  

Avoid entering Through the Front Entrance

This is the craziest superstition than others, but it nevertheless has its ardent believers. Many people believe that entering a casino through the front entrance will hinder their chances of winning a game. The origin of this superstitious belief can be traced back to the years when an MGM casino in Las Vegas had a huge entrance sculpted as a big, roaring lion’s mouth. Many superstitious people avoid using this entrance because they considered it was walking into the mouth of a beast. They believed it a curse to walk into the beast mouth along with the fact that it was a main entrance to enter the gaming floor.  

On the other hand, some feel that entering through the front door is unfortunate because they will come in contact with those players who are leaving (probably due to a losing streak) and their bad luck will rub off on others.

Using $50 Bills

Using $50 bill superstition in casino

This superstition is strangely common among American players who refuse to bet or play with 50 dollar bills. There are a few theories on where this superstition comes from, but the most famous one is, the gangsters killing people and sticking their 50$ bills in the victim’s pockets as a threat.

Lending Money to Another Player

Lending money to fellow players is a superstition among many casino enthusiasts as it can decrease your own chances of winning. Of course, the idea of being benevolent is not a bad thing, but if you are superstitious, lending money to other players can feel like tempting fate. When you think of lending money for betting purposes, there are chances that you won't be seeing your money again, which in itself is bad luck. So, most of the players avoid being a bank to other players, and rather concentrate on their own game. 

Blowing on dice

Blowing on dice a good luck

Among board gamers, this unscientific practice is most popular. Surprisingly, in the casino industry, it appears to be the most common superstitious practice. Blowing on dice before rolling makes sure that each dice works perfectly and land as needed. Many casino movies have scenes in which gamblers only throw their dice after their partner has blown on them. Well, imagine blowing a dice while playing online - nobody said you couldn’t blow at the virtual dice, right?

Superstitions will always be associated with gambling. Whether you are playing online casino games or land-based, these casino superstitions have always been around gamblers, especially those who have firm beliefs regarding lucky numbers or bad luck. 

So, do you consider yourself superstitious? If yes, do you have any good luck beliefs or particular lucky charm for gambling without which you will never gamble? You can share your thoughts and let us know in the comment section below. 

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