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The Truth about the Casino Industry

  • Published Date May 29, 2017
  • By ridhima arora


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We all know that all the games tend to be tilted in the house’s favor; how else would we expect them to profit enough to keep the business running. However, there are several games designed for the player to always lose and the house to lose nothing. There are a lot of dirty secrets when it comes to gambling and casinos, and we’ve tried to expose a few.


Higher payout games



Often referred to as carnival games, these non-traditional games may boast a higher payout, but it is a lot harder to access that payout. These games are tipped strongly in the house’s favor, making it harder for you to win and more likely for the house to profit. Through these games, you could lose much more than what the high payout would have offered. These games are designed to attract the inexperienced and uninformed casino tourist. Don’t be this person.


The lure of the atmosphere



Casinos are designed to make you want to stay in them. They’re designed explicitly to keep you in the casino, having fun, losing track of time, and losing money. Some even incorporate dancers and other entertainers to keep the customers engaged in the game room. The biggest bait Casino’s offer is all the free stuff, like food, alcohol, accommodation etc, they give to ensure you keep playing their games and spending your money. It’s all a marketing ploy.


A winning streak could lead to security watching you



Big brother is always watching, especially if your winning streak seems too lucky to be true. If you’re having a particularly hot streak and winning a lot of money, you can bet security is watching you for warning signs of cheating. That’s right: when you win in these places, you’re a suspect and security watches over you like a hawk. That’s how badly these games are rigged in the house’s favor. They don’t want you to win.


No matter what game you love at the casino, the house is probably ripping you off to get some of that sweet profit. However, in the past couple of years, avid card gamers have started turning towards online casinos. Giving rise to the old school and new school. Online casino games are fast, convenient, easily accessible and have much better payouts as they maintain a pretty high standard of transparency.


New casino sites are cropping up on a regular basis as everyone wants a share on that billion dollar pie. Yes, it’s a billion dollar industry. Thanks to online casinos, fun and games can make you a millionaire while you sit in the comfort of your own home.

These sites feature a range of games which are fairly similar to ones seen in live casinos. The greatest advantage about online casino games is the ability to play card games for free. Just register with the site, claim your free bonus and start playing free casino games. Despite that you can win huge rewards, without spending a dime if you play smartly.  Even if you have to spend some money here and there, online portals make it quite easy to win it all back.


Online casinos are usually highly secure with strict policies in place to ensure that players can play without any worries. But before you embark on this online journey, make sure the site you are visiting is safe; read about its reviews before you sign up and test it out for yourself if you actually like it or not.





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