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10 Things to know Before Your First Casino Visit

  • Published Date September 22, 2020
  • By Admin

Whether you are fascinated by the World Series of Poker on television, inspired by the high stake poker in the 2017 Molly game movie, or obsessed with playing online casino games like poker, blackjack or slots, remember one thing, stepping out of the entertainment and walking into a real-life casino, it’s all different. 

With so much going on, for a first-timer casino might be quite an overwhelming thing. This is because you will find yourself among the glitz and social casino glamor, thousands of different kinds of glitzy games from Pai Gow to baccarat, slots to poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps; the large crowds of people, noises, and other casino distractions.   

People out in town for a weekend, men in suits, dolled-up women, bachelorette parties, buffet table, cocktails and champagne, live events, music, jackpots, tourist queues, every kind of person young and old; all these are a regular part of the land-based casino experience. 

When I first went to a casino in my early 30’s, I was lost and made mistakes, but that’s okay because I learned from them. You may feel excited and curious to play, but perhaps little disappointed, considering you are not sure from where to begin. Well, fret not. Since no one advised me, I will do that for you. The things that you must know below are obvious to regulars at the casinos. These tips can protect your bankroll if it is your first. So, here are the top 10 things you must know before setting your foot on any of the world class casinos and will help you avoid the mistakes that come with being a newbie. 

Minimum age required:

Of course, this is no surprise. There is a minimum age for betting at all casinos. Depending on which part of the world you are in, it is essential to remember that the gambling age of each country varies. For instance, in the US, this might vary between 18 to 21, whereas in the majority of casinos in Europe it is 18. In India, the gambling age is 21. No IDs, no casino games for you; it’s as simple as that. So, be sure to carry your valid ID when visiting a casino.

Follow the specific house rules:

Just as you have worked hard to develop your own house rules, in the same way, you should be able to understand that every casino has some regulations in place as well. These house rules differ from each casino, but generally, they are a no-brainer. As this is your first time, we will list a couple of examples to make you aware of what you should expect. 

For instance, some casinos prohibit drinking and smoking due to the laws in their country, while others have a strict dress code. On the other hand, some of them are more lax. Also, even the games might vary from how you have played in the past. Another thing that you must pay attention to when you enter a casino is to check for signs or posters for anything that is forbidden. For example, some casinos don’t allow users to click photos inside their premises. So, if you wish to capture a moment with your friends, don’t forget to ask the floor manager first. 

Therefore, always be sure to read these rules to avoid any arguments or confusion. The rules are usually posted outside the establishment, or you can even ask an employee or a floor manager.

Bankroll is your friend

Whether you are going to a casino for a weekend trip or even for a day, managing your bankroll is essential if you don’t want to end up as one of those ill-fated characters in movies just like The Gambler, then it is important for you to think cautiously about how much you are going to bet. Setting a bankroll and sticking to it is the golden rule of gambling. 

Treat gambling, like every other expense in your life, just like you will never spend more on rent than you can afford to spend. It is not an effective form of making money. Gambling is a fun leisure activity. If you only have Rs. 20,000 to gamble, don't take your debit cards or credit cards with you into the casino. Do not even leave them in your car, either. Make it as hard as you possibly can to get more money. 

If you lose and wish you had more, give yourself a movement to realize what just happened: you just paid Rs. 20,000 (hopefully) for evening’s entertainment. Don't leave disheartened or frustrated. No casino gaming industry owes you anything more than the experience you are willing to pay for. They offer you reliable entertainment experience and not a guaranteed income. So, before walking into a casino floor, set a rule, i.e. when you have got X rupees you will quit. That could mean you lose everything that you took in or maybe if you doubled or tripled your money.

The drinks are not free


As a first-timer to a casino, I will give you a little tip: the casinos want you to do gambling under the influence. This means that when you are drunk, decision-making is one of the first things to be greatly hampered, and poor decisions mean more money for the house.

Don’t get me wrong - I am not suggesting that you need to avoid drinking completely, just be mindful how it might have a financial effect on you. You might be enjoying a lot, and also you have made some new friends, and drinks aren’t bad. As you are enjoying all those drinks, they keep on coming, that’s good, just make sure to consume them in a limit. As drinks reduce your inhibitions, therefore, any large intake can probably impair your ability to make the right decisions. Just as you should not drink and drive, similarly you should not drink and gamble. My advice? Start drinking once you are done with gambling in order to have the best outcome. 

Find a card room

By now you might have noticed that casinos have ample of table games to choose from craps, blackjack, roulette, poker, and so on. While most of these games do not deviate much from the regular games that you may have seen online, but at these tables, you still are battling with the casinos. If you want to play against the actual players and not the house, look for a card room. Don’t just sit down in a card room with an empty seat. Put your name down first on a waiting list and wait to be called until seats become available. Just be careful when choosing a table, as card rooms could be shark infested waters, and the experienced ones can quickly finish your entire bankroll. 

Avoid playing the High Roller Games

After winning a big jackpot, you might feel tempted to try your luck at a high roller game. But as your first time to a casino, you should not be spending on high roller games. You may read contradictory opinions on the internet about whether the high roller games play better or worse than the games on the main floor. Well, that does not matter.

Your first casino trip isn’t time to try being a high roller. A traditional high-roller game can require to bet hundreds of dollars for a single spin or one hand of cards. On the other hand, if you will play lower stake games, your money will last for long. Whatever game you play, a chance to increase the size of your bets will still be offered.

Don't get carried away with slots


Slots machines are the most popular and easiest form of casino gambling. By playing this game, gamblers hardly get enough of spinning the reels, and the operators take the benefit of the situation. Don’t get me wrong - slots are amazing, but there is more than that. The first thing that you should be careful of is that the casinos make more money from slots as compared to any other game. 

This game is the biggest money-makers as they provide operators with 70-80% of the overall profit. You must agree now that it's a pretty big number! To play this game is very simple: drop a coin into the slot, decide the bet, and press spin. Easy, right? Well, this harmless distraction as a beginner is more detrimental to your budget than anything else. Though, slots are the first thing that you will see in a large casino hall, but do try to think ahead! As this game has enjoyed an enormous increase in popularity over time, which is why casino owners have opted to offer large jackpot offerings; and to novice players, these seem particularly enticing. 

Slots are massively spread in a maze across the casinos’ floor, making it difficult for a first-timer to realise that there are other casinos games available too. Just make sure you don’t get lost in the allure of the biggest machines. Try betting on different machines with lower jackpots to increase your chances if you are looking for a return. 

Casino Etiquette

As a newcomer, don’t just hop directly into a game. Lingering around a bit, familiarizing yourself with the surroundings and observing other players is the smart way to go. However, there are also specific codes of ethics that you might not be aware of if you have never visited a casino before. But do not just beat yourself up about it all! All you have to do is just be a decent person. If you are losing, don’t yell at the dealer and don’t get into a fight with your opponents. 

Also, there are some important behavior rules you must know about it. For example, there is an unspoken rule that you can use one hand to touch the face-down cards. Many casinos (particularly in Las Vegas) find it rude not to tip the casino dealer, mainly when you are in a winning streak. Tipping is, of course, something you do of your own rather than as a strict rule. So, this brings us back to the point that you should start with observing other players first rather than jumping directly into a game. 

Table Games are Better than Gambling Machines

The unwritten rule of gambling at a casino is, the easier to understand the fundamentals of the game, the worse your odds are. For instance, it is easy to understand slot machines. Put your money and spin the reels. No rules or technique required. 

 On the other hand, Blackjack is difficult to understand. There are many things you must take into consideration like the value of each card, and you should know what options you have when playing each - hit, stand, split, double down, etc. 

But look at the difference in the house edge of both these games. For slots, the house edge is at least 7%. For Blackjack, the house edge is not more than 4%, even if you are bad at it. By doing some study on an online gaming platform with a live social casino section, you can cut down the house edge to 1% or less. 

Also, table games, such as baccarat, roulette, and craps, offer significantly better payback rate than most of the slot machine games. However, these stats do not generally apply to video poker machines, whose payback percentage ranges from 93 % to 100%; assuming that when playing you are using a correct strategy.

Have Fun!

All in all, you are going to have a great time. Now you know the necessary details that every player should know before entering a land-based casino for the first time. You know what? All this guide might well end up leaving the window after you experience the glitzy casino experience. You are overwhelmed. You just want to get there and play, play and win, win. The fact is, you are never ready for that first casino visit. 

Your first experience at a casino should not be about winning. You should not just visit because you are short on money and consider it as a quick way to earn it. Don’t spoil your first experience like that. Make the most out of your first casino visit! Just have fun, be safe and make memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.  

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