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Gamentio FAQs

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Gamentio FAQs
30/05/16 16:16
Q1. I forgot my password, what to do?

Hey, sweat not! Simply click on Forgot Password link on the Login page to set a new password. You need to fill in some information for security reasons and the page will direct you to easily generate a new password for your account.

Q2. How are my user details stored & used?

Rest assured, your details are safe with us. We strictly use them for Gamentio account creation and building a user base. If you are still concerned, go through our Privacy Policy.

Q3. How can I invite my friends?

Choose any of the invite options provided. You can send an email invite to your friends, or send request to your friends through Facebook.

Q4. How can I purchase more chips?

This one is pretty easy. Just select the number of chips you want from the buy more chips option, and pay through your mobile. The amount will be charged from your phone bill.

Q5. Can I play at more than one table at the same time?

No, one player can play Gamentio card games at only one table at a time.

Q6. Can I take out money from my Gamentio User Account?

NO. Gamentio is not a gambling website. Players/Users cannot withdraw their chips/money/coins for real money.

Q7. I want to know more about playing Poker, any help?

Sure. You can get all the required information from our Game page. It has instructions for all our offered games.

Chat FAQs

Q1. A player is using offensive language. How can I report that?

Gamentio by no means encourages or supports use of abusive language on chat. Players must take it to their notice that any sort of offensive behavior on Gamentio portal is subject to disciplinary action and considered as the violation of Gamentio rules for behavioral conduct. Players can report abuse at and Gamentio authority with the prerogative will address the issue with strict action.

Gamentio Poker FAQs

Q1. How important positioning is in Texas Hold’em Poker?

Positioning does give you an advantage in Hold’em as a player whose turn comes late gets important information about opponents and could make a better move. The later your position is, the more information you have about other players, like their reaction to their hands, whether they choose to fold, bet, or call before you do. Late position is more beneficial in No Limit Hold’em than Limit Hold’em.

Gamentio Rummy FAQs

Q1. How can I use a Joker in Rummy?

It’s a good question as many players have doubts in regards to the usage of Joker in Rummy. So, the answer to this question is a Joker can always be used to complete a sequence or set, but with an exception to the pure sequence of four cards. Pure sequence or run of four cards is also called Life 1. A second sequence or run of three cards can be completed by using a Joker, and called as Life 2. A set of three cards can also be completed using a Joker.

Q2. What happens if I lay off a Joker by mistake or if the hand demands?

Well, if you discard a Joker, either by mistake or because of not being of any use, you needn’t to worry as the player next to you can’t pick it to his advantage. A Joker can only be picked from the closed stockpile, not the discarded open pile.