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Gamentio General FAQs with Answers

  • What is Rake ? Ans. Rake is a nominal amount of fixed commission fees charged by the cardroom for conducting gaming services. It's a fixed percentage of the Pot amount. The winner is awarded the Pot after deducting the said Rake. Gamentio will deduct Rake at the rate of 4% on all games.
  • How does Gamentio referral scheme work?
    • Ans. When you invite your friend via SMS, you get 40 Coins instantly and once your friend sings up using your referral link/code and verifies his/her phone number, you get additional 60 Coins. Thus, a total of 100 Coins will be added to your account on a "successful referral".
    • Your referral will get 250 welcome Coins.
    • You can also invite via Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter, FB and etc
    • *Note: You will get instant 40 coins only when you are inviting via SMS. If you are inviting via Whatsapp, FB or any other medium, you shall get your 60 Coins only after your referral verifies his phone number.
  • How to buy Coins in Gamentio app? Ans. Follow the below mentioned steps:-
  • What are Gamentio Coins?
    • Ans. Gamentio coins are awarded to players through the following activities:
    • 1. On legitimate registration.
    • 2. On certain top hands and combinations (Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy, BlackJack, Slots).
    • 3. Unlocking new Levels.
    • 4. Solitaire Contests.
    • 5. Referring a friend.
    • 6. Daily Bonus.
    • 7. Reward videos.
  • What are the uses of Gamentio Coins?
    • Ans. Gamentio Coins/"COINS" is the currency of Gamentio. It can be used to:
    • 1.Play Games.
    • 2. Bid in Auctions.
    • 3.Buy Gamentio merchandise (New) .
    • 4.Buy Levels (New) .
    • 5.Unlock the higher stakes rooms (New) .
    • 6.Purchase tournaments tickets.
    • 7.Purchase Solitaire Contests tickets.
  • Do I need to give any bank or credit/debit card details to join and play on Gamentio? Ans. All Gamentio games are played with virtual currency that you receive on signing up,therefore, no bank details or credit/debit card details are required to play on Gamentio. (Sign Up, Play Now) . Also, when you add money to your gamentio account via Credit/Debit card, you are redirected to Payment Gateways. Gamentio doesn't store your credit/debit card info in any case.
  • Can I play with only my friends on Gamentio ? Ans. Yes, the Gamentio 3D gaming experience allows you to invite and play with your friends by way of creating Private Rooms to enhance the gaming experience even more. Play Now .
  • Can I pause a game in the middle and resume it later ? Ans. No, Gamentio 3D games cannot be paused. If at any time a player wants to quit a game , they can do so by leaving the game by choosing Exit to Lobby option.
  • Can I play offline on Gamentio ? Ans. Yes, Gamentio provides its users with Solitaire, which they can play offline.
  • How many players can play at one table? Ans. The number of players that can play at a table are :
    Game Min. no. of players Max. no. of players
    Rummy 2 4
    Teen Patti 2 7
    Poker 2 6
  • How are the cards distributed in Gamentio ? Ans. Gamentio uses a highly specialised randomization algorithm that ensures thorough shuffling and distribution of cards. If, you're experiencing consecutive losses please do not get disheartened and continue playing to increase your chances at winning. Play Now
  • What sort of privacy and security does Gamentio provide? Ans. Gamentio has a very sound Privacy Policy in place to make you feel secure. For more information view details.
  • What's the time limit within which I have to make my move? Ans. Each player gets fifteen seconds to make a move but in Rummy a players gets 30 sec shown by way of a countdown timer. However, due to inherent differences in the gameplay of each Game on Gamentio the rules regarding time lapses vary. Please refer to individual Game's Rules for better understanding. (Poker Rules, Rummy Rules, Teen Patti Rules).
  • Why has my Account been deactivated/Blocked ? Ans. Your account must have been deactivated due to any of the following reasons:-
    • If you are running suspicious activities on, specifically for the purpose of earning and redeeming Referral rupees, OR
    • If our investigation has revealed that your referrals are fake Facebook IDs/Users created specifically to exploit the Referral System on Gamentio, OR
    • If you have signed up using fake/ non-verified Account.
    Consequent to this, all your earned rupees will hereby be forfeited and your account will be blocked. (Disclaimer) Note: Please refrain from indulging in any such illegal or unethical practices. Failing to do so will force us to initiate more stringent legal proceedings against you.
  • Is the referral scheme open to everyone? Ans. Yes it is open to everyone.
  • What are the English and Hindi names of the suites in card games ? Ans. The four suits are:
Disclaimer reserves the right to assess the authenticity/legitimacy of a Registered/Referred user's Account(s). Should a user attempt to, register with more than one Account in any manner or form, the company reserves the right to :-

  • Suspend/Delete/Deactivate/Ban your Account(s),
  • Bar you from using or accessing the Services in the future,
  • Impose restrictions upon your ability to use the Services provided by Gamentio,
  • Report any suspicious or potentially illegal activity to Legal or Governmental authorities.
For more information please contact

We hope you find the above information helpful. Please contact us at for any further details, we would love to hear from you.

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