Gamentio Slots FAQ's

  • Q. How can I start playing Gamentio Slots? Ans. Register on web by visiting or download Gamentio's Android or iOS app and Sign up. Registered users can login with their credentials and choose Slots from the Home Screen (App) or Landing Page (Website).
  • Q. How can I learn to play Gamentio Slots? Ans. Please visit the "How to Play" section on our website for detailed explanation of the gameplay.
  • Q. Can I customize my Avatar for free on Gamentio Slots? Ans. Yes, you can choose any Avatar and change/customize it, multiple times.
  • Q Can I stay anonymous while playing Gamentio Slots? Ans. The information you furnish to Gamentio upon signing up is not accessible by anyone else. While playing only the screen name, that you have chosen, will be visible to the other players.
  • Q. Can I Play, Gamentio Slots with Rupees? Ans. No, you can only play Slots with Gamentio Coins.
  • Q. What is the minimum and maximum Amount i can bet on each spin? Ans. Please visit the "How to Play" section on our website for the bet amount details.
  • Q. How much combinations are there and what are the payouts? Ans. Please visit the "How to Play" section on our website for details of combinations and payouts.
  • Q. Can I play Slots, offline on Gamentio ? Ans. No, unfortunately at this time you need to be connected to the internet for playing slots, we however offer Solitaire, which can be played offline.
  • Q. For how long, can i play, Gamentio Slots? Ans. You can play for as long as you wish and keep winning.
  • Q. Can i Earn Coins by Playing Gamentio Slots? Ans. Yes you can earn coins by playing Gamentio Slots. coins will be credited to your balance, every time they appear on the screen, during the spins. However, you cannot play with coins on Gamentio Slots and these coins will be just added to your overall Gamentio Coins, balance.
  • Q. Do i get any bonus spins while playing Gamentio Slots? Ans. Yes, when 3 or more Gamentio Coins icon appear during a spin, a bonus spin will be activated.
  • Q. Why has my Account been deactivated/Blocked ? Ans.A. Your account must have been deactivated due to any of the following reasons:-
    • If you are running suspicious activities on, specifically for the purpose of earning and redeeming Referral Coins, OR
    • If our investigation has revealed that your referrals are fake Facebook IDs/Users created specifically to exploit the Referral System on Gamentio, OR
    • If you have signed up using fake/ non-verified Account.
    Consequent to this, all your earned coins will hereby be forfeited and your account will be blocked. (Disclaimer) Note: Please refrain from indulging in any such illegal or unethical practices. Failing to do so will force us to initiate more stringent legal proceedings against you.
Disclaimer reserves the right to assess the authenticity/legitimacy of a Registered/Referred user';s Account(s). Should a user attempt to, register with more than one Account in any manner or form, the company reserves the right to :-

  1. Suspend/Delete/Deactivate/Ban your Account(s),
  2. Bar you from using or accessing the Services in the future,
  3. Impose restrictions upon your ability to use the Services provided by Gamentio,
  4. Report any suspicious or potentially illegal activity to Legal or Governmental authorities.
For more information please contact
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