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Gamentio: My Journey, My Experience- Gaurav Rawat

  • Published Date August 24, 2015
  • By Admin
There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come” - Victor Hugo

What Gamentio represents in its truest sense is unfaltering belief in one’s capabilities & an idea. An idea of providing hassle free online gaming experience along with interactive and realistic 3D features. This idea was nurtured unconditionally by a team of four - assisting each other, learning newer concepts every single day, putting their larger than life ambition to test and delivering it with a big loud BANG!!!

Gaurav Rawat, designer & visualizer, member - Team Gamentio, is the mainstay of this project. Since the inception, it was a gamble on his competence as a designer. Inspite of his professional stature of a budding designer, Gaurav came across as a very mature and deeply rooted individual. He not only shouldered the designing & visualizing prerequisites of the game, but gave his insights on the coding front as well.

Gaurav’s journey with Logic Simplified is nothing short from a classic case of opportunity-finds-talent. Gaurav was just starting out his career then. He had a decent degree to his name, a few projects that he randomly worked on, and was teaching Graphic Designing & Animation at an institute in Dehradun. But, that was before his potential was gauged by one of his student, Shiwani Arora, wife of Sumeet Arora.

Upon meeting Gaurav, Sumeet Arora felt that he is the guy who can shape up a strong foundation for the company’s vision. He was hired for LS and was eventually roped in for the Gamentio project.

His first reaction when he heard about Gamentio was - Is it really possible to do so in the given timeline? He had his concerns and rightfully so. He had never worked on such a thing before, so it seemed humongous to achieve. Which technology to use? Which framework will be able to support such a project? Plenty of such questions boggled his mind.

But Sumeet Arora’s gusto towards Gamentio was enticing. His passion and vision soon were shared by Gaurav and the entire team. Everyone gave their hearts and souls to the project - Gamentio they dreamt, Gamentio they thought, Gamentio they believed and Gamentio they lived.

First six months were research time. Trash bins were filled with scribbled out ideas, many strategies were tested, voices raised over difference of opinions, countless nights were spent churning out innovative approaches while getting pumped up on coffee! Finally, a plan was chalked out. Each phase was further divided into smaller segments and timelines. Gaurav started his work with baby steps, starting by building the basics of the game with utter precision and detail.

After 2 years of sweat and blood, Gamentio is on the red carpet. Ready to roll out to the world and say a cheerful Hello!

Gamentio has been an ambitious product for the entire team. It challenged them to outperform themselves, learn and unlearn at a rapid rate, push through the stumbling blocks with unique approach and to trust their instincts and make the leap of faith at times.

For Gaurav, Gamentio will always be a like a baby. Like a proud parent he stands tall Today.

Sharing his experiences, Gaurav reflects on LS as a big open playground where he is free to take his own decisions, experiment with the crazy ideas, make mistakes and improvise. It’s a place where passion meets freedom. His ideas and suggestions are heard and discussed. His opinions matter as much as that of any other. He always feels like a valued member of the team Gamentio and that is a great motivation for him.

Feeling nostalgic, he says, “LS is the best thing that happened to me. It presented the opportunity to do two of my favourite things - Designing & Playing games! I do what I love and when one follows his dreams and passion, masterpieces are created. That is what Gamentio is for me.”

Project Gamentio has been a fun ride for everyone associated with it. There were difficult times, but otherwise it was fun and quirkiness at it’s best. Reminiscing over an amusing episode, Gaurav revealed that he even sworn that he will get a haircut only when the game was on-the-go. And, eventually went without a trim for more than three months, and earned the nickname ‘the baba’ because of his unkempt look!

As I said before, Gamentio represents unfaltering belief in one’s capabilities & an idea. It’s not just a game for us - it’s dreaming something and making that happen!

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