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Poker starting hands: Nicknames: Part II

  • 公開日 7月 18, 2016
  • 投稿者 Admin
In the first edition of our Poker Starting Hand Nicknames, we shared the top, premium starting hands alongside their nicknames. In this blog we are sharing nicknames of some more starting hands, maybe not so premium but definitely playable and of course some of the names are hilarious. For all those who are not aware of these, make a note of it. Here they are: A 10: Bookends...
Poker starting hands: Nicknames: Part IIの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 177692

I’m All In: Worst Bad Beats ever in Poker

  • 公開日 9月 6, 2016
  • 投稿者 Admin
  We all know that Poker always have some level of uncertainty attached to it and no matter how good a player you are, you simply cannot win everytime. But sometimes Poker can be really cruel to owing to that unimaginable, shocking bad beat. We all have, at some point in our Poker career, been on the receiving end of these sick bad beats. So lets take a look at some of...
I’m All In: Worst Bad Beats ever in Pokerの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 408173

The Top Poker Starting Hands: Nicknames

  • 公開日 5月 11, 2016
  • 投稿者 Admin
For every Poker enthusiast and the ones who are not familiar with the nicknames of top starting hands in Poker, here it is:     AA: Bullets or Pocket Rockets KK: Cowboys or King Kong QQ: Cowgirls or Ladies AK: Big Slick or Anna Kournikova AQ : Big Chick or Mrs. Slick AJ: Ajax or Blackjack KQ: Royal...
The Top Poker Starting Hands: Nicknamesの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 148113

What Are The Odds Of Winning At Solitaire?

  • 公開日 1月 3, 2019
  • 投稿者 Admin
Solitaire is a simple card game that allows us to relax and pass the time. Thanks to the power of computers in the early 90s, it was probably the most accessible game to play online because it is free. It can transform players into professionals, which leads to the question of odds. Poker has the factor odds that is very important, but it also relates to solitaire. Overall,...
What Are The Odds Of Winning At Solitaire?の詳細情報 »
参照数 : 4508

Problem Solving With Solitaire

  • 公開日 1月 2, 2019
  • 投稿者 Admin
A game of solitaire is good for our minds. It is simple and easy to play and much accessible because it is automatically installed on computers. Solitaire is a predictable game that lets us relax and not get bored. Solitaire gives us a way to challenge our IQ and keep our minds sharp. Staying mentally engaged in small ways gives our minds a boost against memory loss, especially with...
Problem Solving With Solitaireの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 4813

5 Factors That Make You A Better Solitaire Player

  • 公開日 1月 2, 2019
  • 投稿者 Admin
The card game Solitaire is very popular and easy to play online. Also called Klondike, Solitaire was created in part to help people use the computer with a mouse, moving all of the cards all over the screen. Today, these free solitaire games are available on every device. With its growing popularity since its debut, more people have become a Pro and can even participate in...
5 Factors That Make You A Better Solitaire Playerの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 4670

The Journey of Card Games

  • 公開日 10月 18, 2018
  • 投稿者 Admin
There is no exact record of when or how the card games have emerged, however, it is quite known that this type of game is a classic amongst all countries and cultures. Some card games were created and used by different cultures, but, in the 1400s the French created the most used card deck on the globe, thus, solidifying the card games as an important and constantly present game. With...
The Journey of Card Gamesの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 71348

3 Popular Versions of Solitaire

  • 公開日 10月 18, 2018
  • 投稿者 Admin
Card games have been enjoyed for thousands of years in some parts of the world, and though primitive, they still provide heaps of fun to this very day. Solitaire card games in particular, have withstood the test of time very effectively and with so many free Solitaire card games available to choose from even now, you can see why. Solitaire may not be as exciting and...
3 Popular Versions of Solitaireの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 73172

Astonishing Facts About the 52 Cards in a Deck

  • 公開日 9月 6, 2018
  • 投稿者 Admin
Card games have been popular for hundreds of years, and they are arguably now more popular than ever before. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, we now play more online too. Surely, at any party or social gathering, a deck of cards will be pulled out at some point in the night but some would argue that playing online is much more fun. Well, whatever be more enjoyable, we...
Astonishing Facts About the 52 Cards in a Deckの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 111046

4 Movies Every Card Lover Should Watch

  • 公開日 9月 6, 2018
  • 投稿者 Admin
After a long and stressful day, there’s no better way to relax than getting home, jumping into a warm shower, getting comfortable, and settling down on the sofa in front of the TV to watch a movie. If you enjoy gambling and playing card games such as Texas Holdem Poker , rummy, blackjack, etc, chances are you will love a good gambling movie as well. Playing a poker game is fun, but...
4 Movies Every Card Lover Should Watchの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 111994

Solitaire Card Game: Basic rules, tips & facts for Beginners

  • 公開日 8月 30, 2018
  • 投稿者 Admin
Some call it Patience, and suitably so, while others call it Solitaire which is more commonly used. Regardless of the name by which you refer to it, the Solitaire card game have been around for a long time spanning decades and decades. The game can be played by one person or more to increase the level of competition. Below are some basic things that you will need to...
Solitaire Card Game: Basic rules, tips & facts for Beginnersの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 114186

Factors that make you a better Solitaire player

  • 公開日 8月 22, 2018
  • 投稿者 Admin
Since the early 90s, Solitaire card games have been some of the most commonly played games online. The solitaire game was initially designed to indirectly teach people how to navigate the computer using a mouse while dragging the cards and moving them across the board on computer screens mostly. Today free Solitaire card games are available on nearly all gadgets that one can...
Factors that make you a better Solitaire playerの詳細情報 »
参照数 : 113263
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