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How To Play Solitaire Swift Card Games

  • Published Date March 21, 2018
  • By Admin

Solitaire card games are nothing new to the world, for as long as there have been cards, solitaire games have been a prominent theme. Also thanks to the digital age, there have been several apps that have been created to promote solitaire card games.

The one to focus on today though is the game Solitaire Swift which takes a unique spin to the classic solitaire games.

How The Game Works

No longer are you making rows of a number series in a black or red pattern. Nor are you placing the cards in a pile from ace to king with each pile matching suits. This time, you are placing consecutive cards higher or lower than the value of the card. Not only that, but you also aren’t caring much about the suits or the colours of the cards.

Because of this, it’s drastically different than most solitaire card games that you find. But because of this particular feature, it makes getting into solitaire rather easy for others who want to learn the core mechanics.

Furthermore, since this is a solitaire game, it’s built much like any other solitaire games app. Meaning there are various modes that are offered.

The Different Modes

How to play Solitaire swift is easy and doesn’t require much instruction. However the three modes provide a lot of variety. The rules of the game don’t change so it’s easy to continue doing the same thing you’ve been doing before.

Relax Mode

The first mode to this card game is Relax Mode. This brings you back to the classic solitaire card games of both new and old. You have an unlimited amount of time to make your next move. In some solitaire games apps they give you scores based on fastest time, but for Solitaire Swift’s Relax Mode that isn’t there. Also Relax Mode is the default mode that you start off with to ensure people understand the game and can get into it.

Time Mode

The second mode that is available is Time Mode, by far one of the modes to see Solitaire Swift at its very best. This is perfect for those who have mastered the relax mode, or for people who have played solitaire card games and other unique solitaire games in the past.

In Time Mode, you are given 90 seconds to clear out all of the cards on the board. You are awarded extra time by clearing quick several cards at a time and in a row, but it’s clear this mode is meant for those with a good eye and are quick. This is an intermediate difficulty level.

Moves Mode

The last mode on Solitaire Swift is Move Mode. For those learning how to play Relax Mode is perfect, but the challenges are in both Time Mode and Moves Mode. But more so in Moves Mode. In other solitaire card games you have to be mindful of how many moves it takes you to clear through the game. Moves play a factor in most solitaire games. Solitaire Swift takes it to the next level by giving the user unlimited time, but limited moves.

It may not seem like much on the surface, but it can get challenging. You need to optimize your strategy, how you play cards, everything. Even with the simplistic rules of the game, this is where it’s difficulty truly comes in.

Solitaire Swift is a free to play game, much like most solitaire card games you can find. But because of these unique modes, it’s well worth considering, not to mention many people enjoying this particular game out of all the other solitaire games available.
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