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Upcoming events on Gamentio

  • Published Date April 26, 2020
  • By Admin

 Gamentio, an online 3D card gaming portal is one of the popular websites in the gaming world. You can expect top-notch ethics at Gamentio with a fair and transparent gameplay system. Apart from enjoying your favourite card game Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy, Blackjack, etc. you can take advantage of other features too on this website. 

Gamentio keeps it exciting and fun, giving its players cool options for Auctions, Contests, and Cash Tournament, which are organized every single day.  There is no limit to take advantage of these fantastic features provided by the site. Let’s see how you make the most of these features and win great bonanzas.


Gamentio is the perfect platform to play online contest to win prizes in India. It organizes online cool contest and ensures fair gameplay, convenient banking offers, etc. to its users. Thousands of users play daily and win amazing prizes and vouchers. The contest takes place on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

To participate all you have to do is join the Gamentio account in these social media platforms. Either you will receive the notification regarding the challenges, or you will be invited automatically. Easy, Isn’t it!

Every contest is unique and fun to play. One of the latest contest conducted was to send a screenshot of yours while playing on Gamentio. What is exciting is that the winner received 2100 coins worth Rs 210 that too for free.  So, don’t wait too long! Sign up on Gamentio and play these unique contest to win premium prizes.


Gamentio is one of the best online bidding sites in India. It organizes the most thrilling online auctions. In this, users can bid on exclusive products and win products at throwaway prices. It is a legitimate auction site, and the users can get the products at an astounding discount of up to 95% just by bidding.

To participate in the bidding, you can sign up for free using your email id or simply login with your Facebook account. You can play as a Guest user as well. To place a bid, you must have coins in your Gamentio account. If you don’t have, you can either purchase them or can earn coins on Gamentio by playing your favourite game.

Many users are winning daily their favourite products at highly discounted prices. Don’t miss this opportunity. Win your dream products like mobile phones, wireless headphones, storage devices, etc. that too from the comfort of your home.

Cash Tournaments: 

Of all the online card game websites, Gamentio charges the least for their tournament. With minimum buy-in, you can win huge cash prizes by participating in Poker and Rummy tourneys. The prize system is very profitable. Often rewards can be as high as Rs 15,000 for a Rs 150 purchase.  

Many real gaming sites provide the opportunity to play for real money only to the pros and less for the beginners. But Gamentio offers this opportunity to both novice and expert players. As a beginner player, you can practice at low-stakes tables. You can also play at online Poker freerolls tourney where you can participate without investing anything. In this tourney, you can work on your skills and observe the playing pattern of your opponents.

If you are a professional player, you can apply your skill and experience by playing with players across the country and win good money out of it. Win more and invest less! Isn’t this what you always want?

May God bless us through the difficult times of lockdowns and curfew. But the prayers for entertainment and thrill have been answered. Gamentio has the perfect solutions for your family and you to stay engrossed and engaged throughout this period. 

The auctions, contests and cash tournaments will keep up the spirit of the entire house. The office-goers who are bored at home or the oldies who are stuck and annoyed. Just log on and make the most of the Corona Virus lockdown. Who says fun and games can only be outdoors? So, go on, grab your phone or laptop and sign up NOW!

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