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Five Unbelievable Facts About Card Games

  • Published Date December 15, 2017
  • By Admin

Many people all over the world enjoy playing cards once a while. It is a favourite pastime and a popular hobby for people of all genders and ages. The very first cards were created during the ninth century in China and instead of containing 52 cards, the deck in fact contained only 32.The decks of cards still used in this day and age were in fact invented by the French.

So is there a most famous brand of cards you ask? Well, during 1885, the “bicycle” brand of cards was invented. The “bicycle” brand of cards was a very interesting fact and largely popular during World War II and also the Vietnam War.

During these times, American prisoners of wars could peel these packs apart and by arranging the cards in a particular manner, complete a map of their current area which would help them in an attempt for escape. This particular brand of cards happens to be the favourite for magicians and card players. In 1975 there was a card tax laid on the decks. The way that one could recognize whether the deck was legal or not by checking whether the ace was actually stamped onto the card to prove that taxes had been paid. Rumor has it that whilst the tax stamp was in full power, a man actually received a death punishment for forging his own.

There are many people who prefer instead of physically playing cards with a deck, there are also people who much prefer playing card games online.When participating in online games, you also have the choice to participate in games with other people around the world but in your own comfort zone or even play individually. Whether you choose to play online or with other individuals at home, there is a very long list of card games  that you can involve yourself in. Some of these card games include snap, blackjack, rummy and poker.

In one of each of the four suits in a deck there are thirteen individual cards. These suits are spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. There are four suits as they stand for each season in the year and each card with a king on it actually represents the previous great four Kings Alexander, Charles, David and Caeser.

So, what happened to the old decks of playing cards used in the glamorous casinos of Las Vegas? Every year with millions of people passing through the ever popular gaming zones and casinos, hundreds and thousands of decks of cards get worn down and used. So what happens to these decks of cards you might ask? Serious game players and professional gamblers are very aware of dents, bumps and tears in cards and although this may not seem like a big deal for some, these pro’s know their stuff. They have the ability to possibly cheat by paying extra precise attention to the cards. These damaged cards either get sold on to collectors or thrown out if they are truly looking past it.

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