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Poker starting hands: Nicknames: Part II

  • Published Date July 18, 2016
  • By Admin

In the first edition of our Poker Starting Hand Nicknames, we shared the top, premium starting hands alongside their nicknames. In this blog we are sharing nicknames of some more starting hands, maybe not so premium but definitely playable and of course some of the names are hilarious.

For all those who are not aware of these, make a note of it. Here they are:

A 10: Bookends or The Rounders Hand

A 9: Gimp Hand or Chris Ferguson (Won WSOP 2000 with this hand)

A 8: Dead Man's Hand or Asterix

A 7: Slapshot or The Sonnert

K J: Kojak, The Rookie or Jack-King-Off (Not Suited)

K 10: Ken or The Woodcutter

K 9: Fido or Canine

K 8: Kate or Feast (What King ate)

Q 10: Cutie or  Tarantino

Q 9: Quinine or Lowball

Q 8: Face Sitter or Kuwait

Q 7: The Computer Hand or The Dike

J 9: Braggers or T.J. Cloutier

J 8: Jacket or Jeffery Dahmer

J 7: Jack Daniels

10 9: Mobile Hand or The Countdown

10 8: Tetris

10 7: Bowling Hand or Daniel Negreanu (Suited, his favorite hand)

Anyone who missed out on the first edition, click here

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