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Tips on how to play online video slots | Beginner guide

  • Published Date June 30, 2021
  • By Admin


Beginners guide on how to play online video slots

For over a hundred years, slots machines were the most common and popular source of entertainment. However, they have now evolved into a more modern variant known as video slots. Today, the game is very popular in live casinos, and their virtual counterparts attract legions of players. With the increasing availability of the internet, there are a wide variety of video slot machines to play in virtual casinos today, ranging from the simple “One Armed Bandit” to the latest high-tech video slots.

Although the game can be played with little to no background knowledge or previous experience, it is still vital to understand the basics of how the game works. Doing so will help you in making the most of your gambling experience. But before we begin how to play video slots, first, let's see what it is.   

What is video slots online?

Though classic slots are still prevalent among gamblers, their video versions have started to gain more attention in recent years. One of the main reasons for its increase in popularity is its ease and high entertainment value, which appeals to newbies and experienced players.  

As the name suggests, video slots are an on-screen version of a land-based slot game.  Rather than using a lever and a simple reel mechanism, the game is played on a video screen, with the player pressing a button in order to start the action. When you think of a traditional slot machine, you might picture a three-reel slot machine with a lever on one side to get the reels spin. Fruit symbols, sevens, dollar signs, horseshoes, and bells are probably to appear as symbols here. However, video slots are different. Because of its digital nature, it provides a wide range of dynamic graphics, sounds, animations, and themes that gives an interactive experience. 

Video slots are significantly more extensive than their one-armed bandit counterparts. They are played over five reels instead of three. Furthermore, they are likely to have a large number of paylines. Apart from thematic symbols, there are also going to be special symbols. The wagering range is substantially broader, and the prizes tend to be far more valuable.

Due to technological evolution, you can play the game based on your preferred TV shows, movies, fantastical lands, comic books, famous figures, etc. When playing the game online, there are better possibilities for side games, bonuses, and features to keep you entertained. This is just one of the reasons why gamers are drawn to this kind of play. With the rise in digital casinos, many traditional casino games like online coin machines have moved online.

Furthermore, unlike most reel slots machines, video slots have a higher maximum for bets. They usually have a significantly higher number of paylines, and the more paylines there are, the more coins you could be able to bet. Despite advancements in technology, the gameplay is relatively the same. 

Video slots features

If you want to learn how to win big at slots, you must first comprehend what features the games have to offer and what you are actually playing for. You can play online slot games without knowing the different elements, but this will make the gameplay boring. As we play slots to have some fun, it is crucial to get familiar with its different features. 


Slot reels are the vertical positions on the grid where different symbols land in various combinations. By matching the appropriate symbols, you win the game. There are more than three or more reels. The most popular slots, however, are 3-reel and 5-reel slots.


A payline is a pattern on the reels that the game reads to see if you have hit a winning combination or not. Usually, in most online slot games, the paylines move from left to right. However, in some, they move both ways. Some are straight lines, whereas others are zig-zagged. A win occurs when you get identical symbols on an active payline. There are certain symbols that are more valuable than others. The more you land on the highest value paying symbol, the bigger your win will be.

Scatter symbol: 

In each video slot game, scatters are your best friends. Normally, there are scatters in every slot game. It’s rare not to have these symbols. But if that is the case, they can be replaced with other symbols, such as bonus symbols, which perform in a similar way. The reason these symbols are excellent company is their capability to activate bonus games, like mini-games, free spins, or other bonus rounds.


You might have often heard the term ‘wild card’ across many different games. This usually means a card that can substitute for any other card that you may want in order to win. With slots, it means the same. Wilds are one of the most common symbol features in the slot game. It is typically used to help you complete a winning combination that would otherwise be incomplete. They can be either simple logos or present as heroes, depending on the theme. Wild symbols offer you to win big in free slots.

Bonus round: 

It is a popular feature in the slot game that grants extra winnings. The bonus you receive could be anything, like picking one of the three chests, a chance to spin the bonus wheel, mini-games, etc. Prizes that you win during the bonus round are always for free.

How to play video slots?

No matter how fancy the graphics are, online casino slots machines all work in the same way. Before you start playing, you must check the paytable, provided by every online slot gaming app. It will show you which symbols are the best and if they have any bonus rounds or unique features. 

All video slots contain a set number of columns called reels, which displays the symbols. Despite the fact that each game has its own variations, every slot machine uses a random number generator (RNG). As the name implies, this technology assures that the symbols displayed on the reels are chosen at random and that the game and the outcome of each spin is fair. 

Once you select the bet size, press the spin button or the lever and see what fate has in store for you. If three identical symbols stop in successive positions on any of the bet lines, you will win. Payouts may vary depending on the number of paylines the slot machine has.

Many slots websites also give you an option of an autoplay feature. This mode allows you to sit back and let your computer do the spinning for you. Once you click on it,  you can set up as many as a number of spins before you start playing. Some online apps or sites also offer to spin the reels for you until you stop it. Once selected, the machine will keep spinning, displaying the outcomes and then moving on to the next spin. Generally, you can begin by pressing the “autoplay” button, which is usually located on the main screen.

Where to play online video slots?

Video slots are games of luck that do not require any strategy or skill to win. This is the most significant edge over other card and table games. They increase your chances of winning and make the gameplay more enjoyable. Now that you know what the features are and how to play slots, why not try the game on Gamentio and apply theory into practice. The site allows you to play video slots casino for fun that too for free and win tons of coins. What’s unique about this site is that it gives you a chance to use your winning coins at the Gamentio auction. You can bid on your favourite product and win the product of your dreams at nominal prices from the comfort of our couch. So, what are you waiting for? Install the app NOW

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