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How to Win Big on Gamentio Tables and Auctions

  • Published Date January 8, 2021
  • By Admin

How to Win Big on Gamentio Tables and Auctions

Play big to win big! Higher the stakes, bigger your wins in the same amount of time. Our recommendation - go for it! The farther up you go in your gaming, the more levels you unlock. Opportunities of playing with bigger players increase. And of course the bigger tables mean winning lots and lots of coins and using those coins to place higher bids to win awesome products at rock bottom prices. 

Want to enjoy new levels, prizes and avatars? Try Gamentio. Gamentio is truly a first of its kind 3D online social casino game portal which combines multiple casino game simulations in one free app. It has been inspiring thousands of card game enthusiasts across the country. 

The site gives its users the feel of a real casino environment. This is achieved by allowing players to select customizable 3D avatars that are equipped with command-based gestures as well as expressions such as ‘joy’, ‘applause’, ‘anger’, etc. in a 3D environment that feels and looks as if one is playing at a physical casino. The gameplay on the site is more social and immersive, with its excellent user-interface and command-based gesture. One gets the feeling of real interactions with other players even though they might be playing from a completely different time zone. 

The USP of playing on Gamentio is that the avatars imitate real human actions and reactions, giving it a very life like feel. They can punch in the air, wave hello to their opponents, do a little victory dance after defeating a highest ranking player, etc. Gamentio is the only card gaming portal that allows its users to express themselves in the same way as they would do while playing a real-life card game.

The site encompasses 5 beautiful rooms for users who can join and play at different levels. A player can unlock a new room and new avatars by playing their favourite card game. As you play and win, you will earn coins which will open new levels. The trick is to keep playing and enjoying each level. 

The more coins you earn, the higher you can level up, which will allow you to unlock more challenging and vibrant rooms in the game. Unlocking higher stakes rooms will let you play with more experienced players. Playing at more challenging levels is necessary if you are good at a particular card game and also bored playing with opponents below your level. This ensures a high level of excitement and a sense of competition for every card lover. 

To unlock the higher stakes, a player can either use coins earned by playing their favourite games and activities or can even purchase in order to unlock the new level. The more levels you unlock, the more avatars you have access to. Each with its own nuances, styles and reactions. 

How to level up faster on Gamentio 

Levelling up ultimately results in earning more coins - and the only way you accumulate is by playing regular card games or tournaments. Although you can win coins in games depending upon the stakes you choose, but playing at a tournament will give you the opportunity to earn thousands of coins and will let you level up faster.

Levels, Settings, and Avatars

Gamentio is equipped with five beautiful rooms which a player can unlock stages and take advantage of. The five rooms are bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and platinum. Each room has its own stylish & life-like setting, which is almost as good as the real thing minus Covid. Let us explore different casino stages at each level, its features and what you win.


The bronze level is unlocked for everyone who starts the game. The minimum boot amount to join the bronze room starts from 40 and goes to a maximum of 100. The room is a traditional casino room made in hues of deep browns and dark greens giving one the feel of playing in a typical Hollywood casino film. 


The setting in the Silver level is of an open-air terrace lounge with a bar, a turquoise dip pool and of course a casino table as the center of action.  To unlock this level, you must purchase Level 3 for just 350 coins. Just by playing a few games and winning, one can unlock this room along with two avatars. The minimum boot amount starts from 80 and goes to a maximum of 400. The choice is yours, do you dare to raise the stakes so early?


To be able to unlock the Gold room level 3 will have to be purchased. The setting is that of a game room with a roulette wheel and a few slot machines giving it the feel of an absolute real casino. Upgrade to the gold room by spending just 500 coins. The minimum boot amount in this room is 120 and a maximum of 600. The stakes sure are rising, and things are getting more serious.


Set in a grunge bar with a flashy dance floor, the Diamond level will take you into a somewhat seedy poker game setting with lots of underground activities happening around you. If you feel ready then upgrade to the diamond room by purchasing level 4. By upgrading the room for just 1000 coins, you will get the chance to play in a high-stakes room. The minimum boot amount starts from 160 and maximum is 800 .


To unlock platinum room, you need to purchase level 5. You can unlock the room for just 2100 coins. The minimum boot starts from 200 and the maximum of 1000. Play at the charming little loft setting converted into a casino room. The fireplace, bar and quaint balcony add a feeling of warmth and friendliness to the game. 

Various other online social card games platforms also allow you to buy avatars and unlock different rooms. What sets Gamentio apart from other sites is that it offers its players to use those winning coins and participate in online auctions. It is the top online bidding sites in India with 2.5 lakhs registered users. It is the only online casino platform that allows players to play, bid, and win all under one roof. It is a legitimate bidding site where you can bid and win products at rock-bottom prices from the comfort of your home. 

There is very little scope for boredom once you are associated with Gamentio. From tournaments to bids and free online casino games with exciting levels, Gamentio keeps it interesting. Enjoy interactions with real-time players from different countries and time zones from the ease of your couch. Meet like-minded people and practice with experienced players to unlock more levels and avatars. Grab your phone, install the free Gamentio app in your Android or iOS device et voila your entry ticket into the online casino world is purchased!




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