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The Rise of Mobile Gaming in India

  • Published Date July 3, 2020
  • By Admin

 The Rise of Mobile Gaming in India

The online gaming market is booming as one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Nowadays, classic Indian games are redefining the Indian gaming industry in India. Earlier, most of the gaming industry used to develop games for the European and the United States markets and later those games were brought to India. However, that is changing now. Indian game app developers are designing games for the Indian public. 

The rise of mobile gaming in India is partly due to increased accessibility that the user has to them; with just a tap of a screen, one can download games onto a mobile device. With the increase in the internet penetration, advancement in technology, affordable smartphones, and cheaper data rates, the industry has witnessed an accelerated development in the last few years. Let’s find out what are the factors that contribute to the rise of gaming in India.

Massive Gaming Audiences in the Country 

The gaming audience has been considerably risen in the mobile gaming industry in the last few years, pushing gaming companies to change their approach and focus. Many game developers, also from other countries, are now developing games mainly for Indian smartphone users. India is flourishing as a leading market for mobile game developers. Also, the surge in India’s smartphone market is giving a massive boost to the mobile gaming industry in the country. 

Classical Indian Card Games are Online 

Classical Indian games are transforming the face of the Indian game by bringing them in their digital versions. The developers of India are dominating the gaming industry with its local games. They have played a significant role by presenting some of the most famous games to the world of online gaming, such as Teen Patti card game and online rummy. The Indian gaming establishment is connecting with the people through local games in virtual form.

Availability of the Game 24/7 

Card games have the largest share of mobile games in India. People have great memories of playing a card game like Rummy and Teen Patti with their loved ones, especially on special occasions and festivals. But with the busy lifestyle, people don’t have time to get together at a particular place. Also, you don’t have to look for players like in traditional games, as thousands of players are playing daily. So, with the availability of the game 24/7 round the clock they can play their favorite online casino games anytime from the comfort of your home.

The Rise in Local Games

The main approach to the development of the games is that people prefer those games they have grown up playing or any other games similar to them. Local games connected with Indian culture as well as gaming habits are the main factor to India’s success. The main focus for many Indian game developers is on the localization of games. Not only this. They are also adding unique Indianized features in the game. Companies are creating games which are user friendly so that people who are not techno-savvy can play them effortlessly. 

Moving from physical to virtual multiplayer games

Multiplayer card games have taken the Indian mobile gaming industry by the storm. Online gaming is not only limited to two-player, but multiple players can play at the same time from any part of the country. This eliminated the need for the people to gather at a particular place in order to play in groups. Apart from playing in groups, people can win lots and lots of coin by playing free online Rummy tournament with professional players across the country. This multiplayer feature attracts more people to play online rummy for real money. 

According to experts, Indian will continue to experience exponential growth in the online gaming market, mainly driven by the benefits of Indian digitalization. And with the advancement of technology, both developers and players have a great opportunity ahead.

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