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Why skill games wins the battle against action games?

  • Published Date May 23, 2020
  • By Admin


Why skill games wins the battle against action games?

Online games have become an important part of our lives. People of all ages from young to old, all are hooked on their smartphones or computers to enjoy their favorite games. Playing games are good for people and the world as it makes them happy. With the advent of technology, fast internet accessibility and the development of skill-based apps have seen the emergence of the new generation who has been keener on playing skill-based games. Two kinds of genres that are often played by millenials - skill games and action games. Let’s understand both these games in detail.

What are skill-based games?

Skill games are the games in which the result primarily depends on the player’s strategies, analytical mindset, and specialized skills to win the particular game. Playing online casino games is same as exercise. Games like chess, Rummy, Poker, Sudoku, etc. are some of the popular skill-based games in India. 

What are action games?

Games such as PUBG, Brothers in Arms 3, Fortnite, and many others are action games. However, there are some action games where the first person is a shooter, and gameplay includes role-plays and combat scenes.

Effects of Action games

It is found that players who play action-packed games do better at activities that include vision and perception. It improves hand-eye coordination and engages their senses. Nonetheless, these games do come with some disadvantages, particularly violent ones. Most action video games are highly addictive and makes players violent and aggressive. Apart from making them aggressive, it also enters in their ideologies. A gradual shift towards skill-based games can be seen amongst the younger audience, as many players prefer to play simpler and entertaining games that act as a brain teaser.

Benefits of playing skill games

Skill games don’t have such harmful effects. The benefits of skill-based games range from improved cognitive abilities to increased self-esteem as a player improves a game that requires skill to win. The advantage of playing games like online Rummy, Poker, chess, etc. greatly surpass their disadvantages if any. Skill games like Poker and Rummy boost memory skills. Rummy games act as a mental stimulant as a player needs to remember different moves. Players also have to decide within the stipulated time; otherwise, they can lose the game. 

Rummy also increases logical thinking as a player cannot play the game by relying on guesswork. They should also pay complete attention to the cards picked and discarded by their opponents. So, they should be very vigilant and think before discarding any card.

Players who play Rummy steadily develop multitasking skills as they need to arrange, pick and discard cards quickly while paying attention to the moves of their opponents. Playing online Rummy games is also a great opportunity to play with players of varied styles from all across the globe. Playing with different players develops various personality traits and improves decision-making skills. 

What could be a better way to spend your free time where you do not have to spend much? Playing online Rummy card games gives players a chance to win exciting rewards. They can also choose to invest in rummy real games. Yes, you heard it right. Apart from playing for free, a player can also play for real money which doubles their entertainment factor.  

The Supreme Court of India has declared Rummy legal to play in India for cash because it is a game of skill. Action games can have their gameplay affected by several factors, whereas skill games like Rummy solely depend on the player’s ability and their opponents. 

What to choose: Action games or skill games?

There is a continuous controversy among skill game and action game as which is better amongst these two online gaming genres. Most of the action games contain weapons and with an aim to kill your opponents, which results in an increase in delinquency or aggression.

Skill-based games are games that test players' intellectual abilities, increase concentration, discipline and patience. Skill games like  social casino games is an excellent way to improve short term memory skills. There are numerous games that involve memorization of cards. This can be particularly helpful for older people to keep their mind sharp. 

Many online gamers grumble about high usage of data and battery and memory consumption. Well, the culprit is the heavy graphics of the game that not only slow down the phone but reduces its life as well. Such problems got solved with the emergence of skill-based gaming apps. They take less time to load, less memory and data usage and continue the game with a clean interface. So, clearly, skill-based games win the battle against action games. 

So, start sharpening your analytical skills by picking your favorite game based on skills. If you want to have some fun with Rummy and Poker online, download the Gamentio app for free and have unlimited fun. If you are new to the game, you can refer to the Gamentio tutorial in order to have a better understanding of the Rummy and Poker game skills

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