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What to start with Cash games or Tournaments?

  • Published Date October 22, 2019
  • By Admin

Cash games and tournaments are played for real money and are enjoyable and thrilling. However, both are functionally different. Cash games run 24/7 and you can join the table anytime and play as long as you want. This is generally played for a short time. On the other hand, Rummy tournaments require registration and begin at a specific time. The tournaments are played for a longer duration when compared to the cash games.

Whether to go for cash games or tournaments, this is a question that comes in mind of every online Rummy player. Both have their own thrill and the ability to keep you entertained. To know which is the best option to start with, let’s discuss a few factors which help you choose the format according to your preference.

Time constraint: 

If you are busy most of the time, cash games are the best option for you, as tournaments are time-consuming. With the availability of cash games at all times, you are free to play whenever you like. It might not be possible for a busy person to take part in tournaments actively, but it doesn’t mean that you can never play. The tournaments are held on weekends too. But, do remember that the tournaments begin at a particular time. You have to be available at the time when it starts. New players on Gamentio can play Rummy freeroll tournaments and can play without investing anything. You can start playing without buying any coins. Just log in and start playing.


Apart from time, you must have patience and endurance to take part in the tournaments actively. With the right combination of these qualities, the tourney is an ideal choice for you. Cash games are suitable for players with low patience levels as they not only get over quickly but keep you excited at the same time.

Money deposit: 

The amount deposited in cash games are lesser than the tournaments. When playing cash games, you decide the amount of buy-in, whereas you have a fixed buy-in in tournaments. If you want to go for smaller bets, cash games should be your choice. And, if you are ready to take risks by placing big bets, then tournaments are an option for you.


If you are a skilled player and know the tricks and techniques of Rummy, you should go for an online Rummy tournament. In tournaments, the experienced players compete against each other. The players have a high level of skills to induce different challenges. But, if you think you need to get more proficient in your skills, you need to go for practice games and play cash games until you feel sure about the tournaments.

So, now the question comes, whether to go for cash games or tournaments? Well, it depends on your interest. If you don’t want to play a game for hours, cash games are preferable for you. However, if you have discipline and endurance and want to test your expertise against the best, you should go for Rummy real money tournaments.

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