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How to tell if you are ready to hit the real casino

  • Published Date October 22, 2019
  • By Admin

With the growing passion for online gaming in India, there is an upswing in the digital gaming industry. Due to the advancement in technology, many online social casinos offer the players an immersive visual experience, giving them the feel of a real casino. 

One of the legitimate and most popular sites in the gaming world is Gamentio. It is the best online casino game for real money. A player can enjoy their favourite online casino game while sitting at home that too in a highly secure and confidential manner.

The site provides a perfect environment and feel of a real casino to its users. A player can choose customizable 3D avatars equipped with command-based expressions and gestures. These avatars imitate the real actions performed by players in a casino, like avatars can wave Hi to their opponents, clap, do a victory dance at a win, convey their joy by raising the hands, etc. It is an online card game platform that allows its players to express themselves just like they would do while playing in a real casino.

Gamentio gives an option to its users to play for free and with real money. As a novice player, one can practice endlessly online for free to familiarize with the gaming environment. Let’s take a look at some awesome games available on Gamentio:



      Teen Patti




      Daily Poker, Rummy, and Teen Patti tournaments

If you are planning to master online casino games on Gamentio, we have some helpful tips and hints to get ahead of the game and become an online casino pro.

Choose your stake: 

A player should always choose the stake according to their budget and skill. To make sure that the play remains fun, it is vital to select the stakes sensibly. The best strategy is to maintain a dedicated bankroll which a player can afford to lose and select the stakes accordingly so that one can play for a decent amount of time. Managing a bankroll ensures proper utilization of the investments on the table.

Rules of the game: 

Before thinking of playing any game, it is essential to understand the rules of it. Here on Gamentio, a player can play games for free in order to become familiar with the game before playing for real money. New and the old players can refer to the rules as well as the tutorials of the particular game.

Don’t chase losses: 

After a few defeats, several players try to chase their losses. A responsible player is a smart player. Falling into the trap of chasing loses is the cause of the downfall of many good players. Following the gambler’s fallacy often ruins the fun of playing. So, a player should know their limit and should not exceed to win back the losses.

Once the player has mastered their games online, they can start playing cash games and can gradually move towards online tournaments. When the right time comes to play for real money, you have an opportunity to win big. With a little bit of patience, the player will slowly understand the game as well as the playing pattern of their opponents. After the initial stages of playing and some winnings, one gains the confidence to enter a real casino.


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