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Important Things You Must Know About Online Bidding Sites in India

  • Published Date September 9, 2019
  • By Admin

online bidding sites

Online bidding sites are exhilarating gaming platforms. Online bidding in India allow users to place a bid on high-end products and win amazing prizes at nominal prices. There is no limitation to bidding. A user can place a bid on more than one item at the same time. But as you check out your item, you must also check out the bidding site. Before giving any personal information, it is important to know about the company and its background so as to ensure that you get what you have paid for. Let’s check out some of the key points you must know about online bidding:


The first step for a bidder is to register themselves on an online bidding site. The participants can register themselves for free on most bidding sites. They can register through Facebook or an email address, along with the verification of their phone number. Registration is required to keep track of the product being sold.

Time specification: 

The online bidding for each auction starts with the Auction Clock countdown. Each time a bid is placed, the price of the particular item increases and the auction clock gets reset. The users can bid until the auction clock reaches 0:00. After the clock time runs out, no more bids are received and the user who bids the last wins the online auction.

Avoid unnecessary bidding: 

Many people have a misconception that if they start to bid at a low price, they will get the product at a low price. But, this belief leads to a bidding war and eventually increases the price. A user should always first research about the product beforehand and then place a bid according to the price of the item. You must leave some room to increase your bid against the serious buyers. This means that your opening bid must be high enough to scare away the non-serious buyers, but also low enough which allows you to bid against a serious competitor. Online bidding is a sort of a well-choreographed dance where serious skills are required to win.

Be proactive in the auction: 

When other potential buyers place their bid, you should be ready to place a similar bid. This is a psychological approach that makes your competitor believe that you won’t give up. Studying the moves of your opponent can help you understand their bidding pattern. Do they start a small bid and end with a big bid? Do they bid in round numbers or vice versa? By predicting your competitor’s behavior, you can increase your possibilities of winning. Refrain yourself from making round bids as your competitor can assume them.

Choose your limit: 

A user cannot take part in bidding indefinitely. By doing so, it will not only waste your time but would make you buy a product at an inflated price. So, before you start bidding, decide on a budget, and when the product goes over that fixed budget, it is time to give up. Try to make a strategy that will help you buy your favorite product at the lowest possible price within the shortest amount of time.

Incremental Bidding: 

Incremental bidding is when you place small single bids continuously on an item to ensure you are always the highest bidder. So, if you have time then incremental bidding is a great way to grab a bargain. But don’t forget to do small biddings wisely. Constantly outbidding other people by small bids can sweep away your competitor. This will increase your chances of winning in the bidding.

Online bidding is a great way to get products at a lower value than their market price. Get ready to place a bid on the bidding sites on branded products and win products at a fraction of their retail cost. So, grab your phone and register yourself on a safe and reliable website. Bid on Gamentio in a hassle-free way and win products of your dreams from the comfort of your home. Don’t let the product of your desire touch high prices. Keep bidding and keep winning.

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