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Top 5 solitaire games tips and tricks

  • Published Date February 21, 2018
  • By Gamentio Admin

Solitaire is the first card game that most people become aware of. That is partly due to Windows that offered the card game as part of their package to help people become accustomed to using the mouse.

Most people may think that solitaire is a simple game that requires very little skill to win the game. However, for many of us that have played many hands of the games will know it is not as simple as it first seems. There are some useful strategies to help you get the upper hand.


Not many know this, but there are some high stakes solitaire tournaments with professional players. You will not only need loads of practice time to get to those stakes, but you also need to be familiar with the strategies.


1.Become familiar with the rules

This may appear a moot point but learning the rules of the games is a vital start. A good foundation is that the rules will save you loads of time on the learning curve. The rules are not complicated and will not require you to score over volumes and thousands of lines of text.


2. When you see an Ace or Deuce – move them

When you see an Ace or Deuce in the stock of cards given then move the cards to the foundation. These cards are not handy in the stockpile and keeping them around will only add difficulty down the line.


3. Maintain the order

Do not experiment with the order of the cards. When you are playing, make sure you move the cards from the stock. During a tournament or online game, you will have to time to play around or experiment with the basics. Be sure to move all the cards in the correct order. Once that is done make sure you move the cards from the deck.


Another basic that is often overlooked, is trying to move a card from the foundation. This cannot be done. Once a card is placed in the top left corner of the foundation, it cannot be moved.


4. Keep your focus on the goal

Some players often lose focus on the objective of the game. The goal is to get rid of all your cards in the foundation. All that have played the game on our home computers will know the mini celebration that follows once we have completed all the foundations. For online games and tournaments, it is the same. Once you have gotten rid of all your cards, you are then declared the winner.


5. Do not forget about the points

Points in solitaire are accumulated when you get rid of all your cards in the least amount of moves possible.


You will not be able to accomplish this in the early stages of your playing but with loads of practice, you will become a pro in no time.


Playing a game of online solitaire can be therapeutic and lucrative. Online gaming platforms offer both the high stakes game and social game. Remember to stick to the basics and have fun.




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