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10 Useful Tips from Experts In Solitaire Card Games

  • Published Date February 21, 2018
  • By Gamentio Admin

If you play solitaire card games, you might not be doing very good in them. It can take time to get good at solitaire games, so here’s some tips to help you become a better player at the game.

Keep Your Cool

The first thing you need to do when playing solitaire card games is to just keep your cool. If you panic when playing, you’re just not going to be a very good player and you’ll end up making a lot of simple mistakes. The best card players are always very calm and never get frustrated even when they make a mistake. If you keep a level head, you’ll do well in solitaire games.

Down Cards

When you have an option to free a down card or play a card from the card deck, you should pick the option to freeing up the down card. When you have more cards in play, it’s easier to finish your game and that cards in the deck are easily recycled later on. This is a simple trick that you can use in solitaire card games of any type.

Even Stacks

You should try to have even stacks when you’re playing solitaire games. If it’s not possible to take the cards back from any end piles, you need to ensure that the cards you place can’t be used to free up down cards. The first priority is to free the down cards and you have to try and free bigger stacks cards of your down cards before doing anything else.

Choose Down Card on largest Pile

If you need to choose from two down cards when playing solitaire games to free, pick the one on the largest pile of cards. You may be able to free a card on a bigger pile by first freeing one on a smaller pile, so you should do that.

Don’t Remove Empty Slots cards if You have No Kings

If you don’t have any kings, leave the cards from empty slots. This will give you more options until you get the chance to get a king. You may run out of moves if you clear out a slot but have no king. When you decide to play the king, pick the one that will allow you to free up the down cards.

Ace or Deuce

When you have a deuce or an ace, play these right away in solitaire games. Don’t build the ace stack too quickly as it may interfere with your ability to play some of the other cards.

Watch the Transfer of 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s

These cards are part of your strategy, but don’t be too eager to use them all up as they may bring you some trouble when playing solitaire card games.


You should become a quick player, so you have to practice all the time. You want to be able to think and react in just a few seconds. You don’t want to a lot of time trying to guess your next move.

Exercise Your Brain

To get better at solitaire you should exercise your brain a lot. This will help you improve your speed at the game and your timing. If your mind is sharp, then you’ll get the upper hand on your opponent when playing solitaire card games.

Know the Scoring

Each solitaire game may have different scoring so ensure that you understand how the scoring system works. You may need to adjust your play style to correspond with the scoring system of the individual game.



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