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Factors that make you a better Solitaire player

  • Published Date August 22, 2018
  • By Admin

Since the early 90s, Solitaire card games have been some of the most commonly played games online. The solitaire game was initially designed to indirectly teach people how to navigate the computer using a mouse while dragging the cards and moving them across the board on computer screens mostly. Today free Solitaire card games are available on nearly all gadgets that one can have.

With its increased popularity since inception, more and more people became quite good at it and some went on to become outstanding. Some of the factors that can make you one of these better players include:


You are strategic

While playing solitaire card games, you don’t just move cards on the table. Instead, you scan the board carefully and plan your initial moves carefully. When you actually make the moves, you only make moves that help you to open up the board and in turn you are able to move other cards as well.


You are keen

As a solitaire player, you notice moves that are available on the board quite fast and you know which ones to make first and which ones will box you in. Having this information at the tip of your fingers will help you to know which moves to prioritize over the rest and finish the game instead of constantly resetting the game.


You are relaxed while playing

Solitaire was designed initially to help people relax while navigating on all new system; Microsoft 3.0. Playing while relaxed will help you keep the nerves that come with the ticking timer in the free solitaire game online under wraps. Always competing with the timer may just end up being counterproductive as the mind fares better when it’s not in flight mode.

You have had good practice

If you have been playing solitaire card games over the years, since the days of Microsoft 3.0 or even 7 and you still play today; there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be much better at it than most people. “Practice makes perfect” they say and having played all kinds of variations of the game, you are better placed to easily navigate the game even in a few valuable seconds.

In addition to these four reasons, you are probably better at solitaire card games because you love them. Solitaire games have stood the test of time as a result of their balanced difficulty and ease of play. These games have been played by almost all generations and tend to bring together lots of people. The common factors that remain throughout the game include the fact that it is fun to play. It transcends age and intelligence and just allows the players to arrange the cards from the aces to the kings for all the 4 suits and you will have a winner. If you haven’t tried a solitaire game before, which is highly unlikely, you might want to check out the free solitaire games that are available today and see just what you have been missing.

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