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Can every game of Solitaire be solved?

  • Published Date June 12, 2020
  • By Admin

 Can Every Game of Solitaire Be Solved?

Solitaire, sometimes also known as Patience, is one of the traditional and simplest card games of all time. It is a single-player card game, and people play solitaire to relax and kill boredom. Millions of people enjoy this board game. It is a basic card game, and almost everyone in the world knows how to play solitaire

Regardless of its simplicity, there are strategies involved in the game. Apart from tactics, there is also an element of luck, which makes the game engaging. But remember one thing, not all games of solitaire are winnable. But by following some strategies, you can definitely increase your odds of winning at solitaire games. 

Draw a card from the upper pile: 

It sounds simple, but many players make the mistakes by beginning to create their piles first and start moving cards around on the tableau before drawing a hidden card from the closed deck. For the first move always reveal a card from the upper pile. Doing so will not only give you an extra set of options to make possible moves, but you will also get a chance to make a better choice.

Play Aces and Twos:

Before you start flipping cards or moving cards through the stock, look at all the cards on the tableau if there are any Aces and Twos. Whenever you unveil Aces from the stockpile move these cards to the foundation pile right away. Once you are done with the Aces, check for any matching twos if you have any place them too. This is considered to be the best move in the game. 

Expose hidden cards:

If you are planning to move hidden cards, you should choose columns with the largest down-cards within your tableau area. So, whenever possible,  expose hidden cards by moving the face-up card out of the position. By doing this, you will have greater chances of revealing useful cards. This will help you build piles of revealed cards. 

Don’t leave the spot empty without a King:

Do not make a mistake of emptying a tableau pile or spot just to remove all the cards from that spot. Kings or the sequence starting with the Kings are the first cards on that empty space. If you don’t have a King ready to put into that spot, make sure to keep that pile occupied.

Keep the color in mind when filling a space:

If you have an option to fill a space between a red King and a black King, be careful in your decision. It is a big decision to choose from. This is because, for the rest of the game, it determines the color order for the particular pile. Observe the color of the blocking cards and make the right color choice. Analyze carefully what Queen and Jack cards you have available to ensure the stacking of your cards quickly.

Avoid moving cards with no reason:

To shuffle cards from pile to pile is always tempting, and  also to build them gradually, but locking the valuable cards of different colors behind lower ones often leads to losing the game. So, move only those cards from which you get a benefit or to reveal a hidden card. Don't move cards just to build up piles.

As you are now aware of these strategies, spend some time practicing these on Gamentio. Although you won’t be able to win every game of solitaire with the above strategies, but you will increase your winning chances. By putting in good enough time to practice can lead you to beat solitaire card games faster and more often. 

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