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Solitaire Card Game: Basic rules, tips & facts for Beginners

  • Published Date August 30, 2018
  • By Admin

Some call it Patience, and suitably so, while others call it Solitaire which is more commonly used. Regardless of the name by which you refer to it, the Solitaire card game have been around for a long time spanning decades and decades. The game can be played by one person or more to increase the level of competition.

Below are some basic things that you will need to know while playing Solitaire games.

The goal of a Solitaire game is to eventually move all the cards onto the Foundation piles, which is initially empty.


Moving King cards into empty column spaces to begin a pile will help create order on the board making it easier for you to move cards into the Foundation.


While on that tip of moving cards into the Foundation, it is important to move the Aces and Deuces as fast as you can to help you open up the board for more moves.


You can only place cards onto each other in descending order and in alternating colours i.e. if you have a red king, only a black Queen will be able to be moved onto it and subsequently a red joker all the way to the red ace


However, when stacking cards onto the Foundation, only cards of the same suit can be stacked into their respective stacks, eg., Diamonds on Diamonds and Hearts on Hearts.


Apart from determining the best score, finishing a game of Solitaire in the shortest time possible and with the fewest moves triggers the brain to release dopamine that will give you a feeling of happiness and a sense of accomplishment.


The fact that it is possible to lose in a game of Solitaire is the main reason why the game can be so addictive. This is because it challenges one to want to win every time. If it was too easy to constantly win in the shortest time then you would have lost interest long time ago.


Solitaire is not a game of luck. It is purely a strategy game where you can determine and influence the outcomes of the game by making certain moves.


Keeping your options open in the dealt pile will help you have room to manoeuvre the board instead of using all the slots thus blocking yourself in!

Making moves in such a way that it expose all the closed cards should be your MO as you play to prevent the game from running out of possible moves.

There are a lot more interesting things that you will notice as you go about playing your Solitaire card game, the key is to enjoy the game as you rise to each challenge.

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