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Relevance of Online Card Games in the Biological Clock

  • Published Date June 19, 2017
  • By ridhima arora

Card games have been a major source of entertainment for all of us at some point in our lives, whether you’re a child, teenager, youngster or grandparent. The Human biological clock i.e. the human life cycle, is always ticking. Have you ever thought the two are actually related ? Read on to see the relevance of different card games in the different stages of our life cycle.
Playing cards with children helps in the development of a child’s brain as it involves recognizing and memorizing the numbers, colors, alphabets etc. Most of the children are seen holding their parents’ smartphones, so why not make it a learning experience for them by introducing them to games like Memory, Satte Pe Satta, Pig etc.
For all of us who grew up playing games on the PC, your years of enjoyment actually helped you imbibe good habits like increased concentration power, to be patient and wait for your turn and multitasking. 
The teenage years of our lives are probably the most fun and also the toughest. You’re rebellious, erratic and emotional. As a teenager, after school all you want to do is spend time with your friends or on your phone. Parents are constantly looking for ways to connect with their teenage children and spend time with them. One of the ways that can be done is with the help of online card games. Children can learn to play their favourite card games online and this can be the best indoor activity for parents and children  to do together. Parents can be supportive of their children's online endeavours to teach them valuable lessons like rules to follow, not to cheat, to be patient,  accept failures and to take defeats sportingly. Games like Old Maid, I Doubt It, Solitaire card games, etc. are a great source to achieve that.
College going students or young adults want to enjoy life to the fullest by socializing, bunking lectures and building a good rapport with their friends and faculty. Online Poker for instance does just that and is highly popular among college students these days. And that’s because at that point in our lives we are free spirited and want to take risks to get good rewards. Poker as a game is a direct reflection of that age. They can play online card games while sitting at canteens, in parking lots, their college staircases or while sitting at the main “hang out” spot on campus. You can even play it professionally and make a good amount of pocket money.  
In the competitive world of today, people release their stress during lunch and coffee breaks at offices. They can play online cards like  Poker online or play Blackjack  for a dash of entertainment in their busy schedules. Card games can be a great way to build good working relationships with peers and seniors. This can help in creating a warm and welcoming work environment, and also help increase productivity and motivate employees as they will enjoy working at their workplace more. (blackjack and Poker)
Even homemakers can enjoy the fun of online card games by playing 3D Teen Patti online, Rummy card game  etc.The maturity in you does not mean that card games are not your cup of tea. This is the stage in life where you are mostly settled,  your children have become independent and you have more time for yourself with less of responsibilities.You can use all this free time to play your favourite card games online. You can organise game nights with your friends and play them live too. Who says only youngsters can have a raging social life ? 
We all have a memory of a family get together that involves card games. When they say old is gold I’m pretty sure they are talking about old people and their card game knowledge. Because our grandparents come from a simpler time that did not involve the internet, outdoor and indoor activities were their only source of entertainment. You will be surprised at how well your grandparents can play card games. Card games also serve an important purpose by keeping their brains sharp and improving memory. Grandparents love being around their children and grandchildren by playing together they can learn how to play online and feel emotionally connected with the whole family. Retired people can play card games online and stay happy and positive about their lives.
Even though we go through these changes in our life unknowingly, it’s important to note that these card games have an important impact on it. A lot of us associate our childhood with playing Solitaire on our Windows PC, don’t we ?
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Posted on 3/12/18 6:46 PM.
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