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Playing card games is not the same as chewing tobacco. It’s same as exercise

  • Published Date January 15, 2020
  • By Admin

For many people playing card games is merely fun. But, recent research has proved that card games are also a brilliant means of improving cognition. Even playing a basic card game enhances your memory, increases confidence and also improves professional and business skills. So, quite a few benefits are associated with card games. Below are some points which tell you how playing card games is similar to exercise.

Keeps your Mind sharp: Just as you exercise daily to have good physical health, playing card games improves your analytical skills. Card games, like Poker, Rummy, involve skill and strategy that improve the ability of the brain to solve problems. Card games also keep your mind sharp and responsive by enhancing your long-term memorization skills.

Card games also enhance short-term memory skills which are beneficial for older people. Memorizing details regularly in a card game can even help improve the memory in real-life situations. And, as the fun part is always there, card games are exciting and relaxing at the same time - a great way to unwind.

Cognitive development: One is never too young to start playing card games. Card games help make learning fun for children and provide a basic understanding of adding, matching, and counting as well. It helps understand complex math concepts and devise new ways of winning. Even studies on children playing cards and on those playing video games show that the ones playing cards receive better grades. It works on improving concentration and memory in children.

For instance, card games like Indian Rummy help enhance analytical skills, concentration and memory. In addition to mental enhancement, it also requires strategizing, which needs absolute attentiveness. Whether you are playing with friends or online, you should be aware of the cards being picked by your opponents from the discard pile and also the ones being discarded by your opponents in order to analyse their next move and strategize your own move accordingly. Being attentive about every move made by your opponents makes you more cautious and build perspective about the people around you, which helps in your life too.

Lowers stress level: Whether you visit a regular casino or play online card games, there is a direct link between recreational activities and a low level of stress. After a long stressful day, you have a chance to have fun and relieve yourself by playing your favourite card games. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is not only about eating healthy and doing physical exercises. It is also about recreational activities that boost mental health. In fact, card games can be much more relaxing than watching TV or spending hours on social media.

Improves Personal Development: To learn something new is always a great experience, and card games provide a way to learn a skill which is easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master. For games like Bridge, the rules are easy to learn, but players keep improving their game by playing regularly. Poker is another game which also has relatively simple rules. But one needs to have patience and practice a lot in order to succeed. Such games provide an excellent opportunity to learn, grow and develop new techniques and skills.  Their effects cannot be underestimated as they contribute actively to the development of an individual’s learning curve.

Socializing: Card games provide a healthy manner of social interaction that cannot be replaced by any other games whether you play online or in a traditional casino. From children to youth to seniors, everyone is benefitting socially through interactive card games. Playing card games like Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, Teen Patti etc. provide the opportunity to socialize with a community as a whole while meeting like-minded individuals with immense logical thinking. Even for middle-aged people facing problems of loneliness, depression and anxiety, it can work as an ice-breaker and helps integrate into various social communities.

Children can learn a lot from playing cards. Of course, parental supervision is of utmost importance. Parents see a visible change in social skills as children indulge in card games. And not to forget, card games pave the way for elderly people to get out of their homes and mingle with other people of their age. Many clubs organize a friendly competition for the elderly to relax and lighten up their mood.

Patience and coping with loss: Patience is a skill and card games help in the development of it. Waiting for one's turn, focusing on the moves of opponents, watching and recognising playing styles of other players enhance patience and keep in check the impulse to play ahead. The truth is that like all other games, there will be instances where you will be on a losing streak. Of course, not every day is going to be your day. The trick of a good card player is not to lose hope. They must learn to reassess their strategy and come fresh in the next game. To be defeated is a part of life, and nothing teaches that better than a competitive card game. It involves self-control. A good loser practices self-control and always tries new game plans to turn their losses to victories.

If you are looking to get into a new hobby that benefits your mental health, what can be better than playing card games? As card games involve a lot of mental effort, it is a great way to exercise your brain. And, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Also, there are enormous numbers of online casino games which you can play from the comfort of your home instead of visiting a casino. Just remember that playing cards games are a source of enjoyment, the benefits associated with them are simply a bonus!

What are your favourite card games, and what benefits do you get? Share your comments below.

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