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Learn Rummy Rules by Watching Tutorial Videos

  • Published Date October 8, 2016
  • By Manoj Choudhary

Any instructional program which is informative and explains things step by step; and which is a self-paced activity can be termed as a tutorial. The instructional mode of computer-based tutorials is interactive because they use audio and visual presentation. These days there is a fantastic possibility of learning things through the internet. Various sites offer free tutorials on a variety of topics.  These include a variety of subjects, including DIY projects, game cheats, adding or removing software, applying make-up, solving math problems and so on. You can even learn to play the guitar or even learn how to play a card game.

Why watch Rummy Videos

Though many of us are quite familiar with basic rules of Indian Rummy, but getting them right can take a bit of work and practice. Online rummy games are becoming popular day by day. Earlier there were books you could read or even a simple discussion of rules at the table itself was sufficient. But books were often cumbersome and nuances got left out at the tables. Now things have improved with technology and players can learn Indian rummy rules through online videos at Online Rummy Blog. Without understanding the rules of various formats like pool, point's and deal's rummy there is no chance of winning. You should be aware of the basics so as to master the game.

Basically, a tutorial video is a series of screenshots with a voice over explaining all the rules in detail. Good rummy sites have their individual YouTube channels where you can find their tutorial videos. Your work is to just select the videos that are simple to understand and are about of 6 to 7 minutes long. Sites that are dedicated to produce high-quality videos which convey the facts in a very straight forward way are few, so looking for good quality videos is no problem at all. Players should invest some time to watch these videos and then try out practice games. There are some blogging sites that offer expert write ups on Rummy Tips and Tricks. Here you can find interesting strategies that have been tried and tested.

Watching these videos doesn’t cost you anything. As long as you have an internet connection on your PC or mobile device, you are good to go! Multiple players can watch a rummy video tutorial sitting together too.  In this way, they can discuss the topic and read FAQ’s on the site for further detail. It is a proven fact that audio and video presentations are more effective as compared to descriptive lessons.


So what are you waiting for? Simply watch a video of your choice and learn the rules of online rummy. All your queries regarding the game will be answered by the tutorial videos within no time. Once you feel comfortable with the software and the basic rules, you can register on platforms where rummy is played for real cash.

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