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Impact of COVID-19 on The Gaming Industry

  • Published Date June 25, 2020
  • By Admin

Impact of COVID-19 on The Gaming Industry

Who among us ever thought that we’d live to see the day where stepping out of the house could be a threat to life. Let us accept that life as we know it is on hold. Meeting friends and relatives, a distant thought. Having fun game nights with tonnes of card games or board games is an impossibility. But is it really an impossibility? 

In India, the outbreak of Covid-19 began to be felt in early 2020, particularly following the lockdown that was initiated in March. One of the most deeply felt impact of Covid-19 on the gaming industry in India is the hike in traffic on online casino games. There has been a huge boost in the gaming industry as millions of people are forced to stay at home in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

Nowadays, you can play a wide variety of games at the tips of your fingers. Many people see the possibility of gambling online as a welcome relief in a time when stress levels can be high, as well as anxiety, and boredom. From card games to battle royals, there has been a great surge during this crisis. Many people are inclined to play skill games. For instance, Rummy and Poker are card games that require uninterrupted attention and focus.

While you may not hear the ka-ching of the casino slot or feel that palpable thrill that thrives at a real-life casino, you can still fulfil your excitement quota sitting right at home. While gaming typically was reserved for nighttime relaxation, with the lockdown in place, the disposable time has increased, and online game sites receive a surge of players even during the day. Not only is there a thrill of playing but also a significant part about playing these online casino games is that you also get an opportunity to make money online. Many enthusiastic players across the country are making money online by playing their favorite card game on real cash apps.

Beginners who were hesitant to try out the world of online gaming can learn the rules, strategies and techniques by practicing at the practice table. They can try their hand for unlimited hours until they feel confident about their game and get familiar with the gaming platform. 

It isn't that online gaming companies haven’t upped their games. An increase in demand has pushed the companies also to work on better and newer versions of games. So not only is their exciting stuff for beginners but also seasoned players have more incentive to keep playing without getting bored in these difficult times. 

Gone are the days when only a certain section of the society was able to use online gaming as entertainment. The availability of cheaper smartphones and super affordable data connections ensure that online games reach the masses. With the coming of the pandemic, many persons of the lower income groups too have the means to be exposed to online games. They can leave their worries behind for sometime and simply delve into these magnificent game sites. Not just as entertainment but also these games connect thousands of players from all over the country and make new friends that share the same common interest.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, India’s perception of online gaming has changed. For the first time, it has driven more people to enjoy and explore different gaming platforms. People are sitting at home and not only using these platforms to play but also seeking it as ways to communicate, basically as a social media. Thus, bringing us all closer together and keeping us connected. It is keeping many out of depressive states by providing a platform for entertainment. 

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