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How To Build Irresistible Social Casino Games?

  • Published Date June 3, 2016
  • By Admin


Game-Screen-7-930x523.pngSource: Venturebeat

There is something within humans that act as a stimulant by which they become inclined to social casino games. Even if the wagers are restricted to just digital money, they are more than willing to put out real cash on the line to chase the thrill. This is the main reason why social casino games have turned out to become a $3.4 billion industry and will be touching the $4.4 billion mark by 2017, according to a research by Newzoo.

Gambling operators driven by a zeal to develop irresistible social casino games must sort through the numerous strategic possibilities of social games to chalk out their individual course of action.

What’s so appealing about social casino games?

For the most part, gamers find social gaming experience entertaining and engaging. It’s surprising to note that they are not drawn by the typical gaming thrill of putting their money at stake so as to feed their innate desire to win more. They simply play to have a rocking time in a relaxed ambience without having to fear about what they lose.

According to Christoph Jenke, COO of Crowdpark -a social betting gaming startup- social gambling is absolutely different from the traditional form of gambling since players take it as casual games. The amounts of cash placed are relatively smaller and the traditional dark halls with heavy crowds, flashing lights and lots of noise don’t exist. He further adds that social games try to evoke the addictive feature; however, it’s a lot more playful.

Some effective tips to build powerful social casino games

  • Create memorable app icons

Image source: Appannie

According to Venturebeat, most downloads come from organic traffic. Hence, icons can help create a lasting impression during the short time gamers spend looking at an app. The top manufactures of social casino mobile games like Williams Interactive, Zynga and Big Fish Games excel at building app icons that are visually attractive and entice users to know more about what’s in store.


Source: Chartboost

So, manufacturers should first create icons that have something to say on the story of the company. In fact, new game developers should first focus on coming up with attention-grabbing icons. These icons should let users know on what to expect.

It’s best to use imagery that resonates well with players, but still fits with message of the brand and the overall gaming experience.

  • Interfaces should have life

Zynga states that the importance of user interface should not be neglected. They say that interfaces should have life in them, which is mainly applicable to software design. For instance, Farmville 2 is an artistically animated 3-D space and reacts beautifully to a user’s touch. The team at Zynga points out that it got to feel electric.

Here is the 3D interface of Gamentio where one can not only have his picture displayed, but can have a whole 3D avatar sitting on a Poker table. Note various handy interactive features like Chat, Postures, Actions etc too.

teen patti.png

This is because people know exactly how it feels to touch something. It’s instantaneous in the analog world and they expect the same kind of interaction when it comes to the computer.

High speed is an integral part of this effect. At the same time, a greater sense of fluidity is important too. Zynga engineers do a huge amount of testing to find out the reaction of users to the frame-rates of actions in a game. They come up with magical numbers that look the most responsive and satisfactory to users, and design their games around this threshold.

  • Balance rewards for superfans and casual gamers alike

It’s inherent that games are built on a work-reward structure. You put in your efforts and in return, you are compensated with items, money or opportunities. These rewards enhance your working skills, enabling you to reap bigger rewards. This is the way the cycle continues.

Wright Bagwell, director of design at Zynga, says that it feels great to work for things that cost money. He further adds that it’s an essential component to retain the health of the game. If a player gets to the point where he has a huge amount of cash and doesn’t have any inkling on how to spend it, he might get bored to play the games. In such a case, the number one challenge of a developer is finding the techniques to make it interesting to a broader audience.

Do you have any other strategies to build powerful social casino games? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section below.

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