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For a change, let's make our national heroes proud of us.

  • Published Date August 11, 2016
  • By Priyanka Butola



We can never pay back what they did for our country...sorry, their country. Even today, like guardians, they put their life at stake to protect their home from all the “INCOMINGs”. Little we can do to swell their chest with proud but little is not always least or last.

They not only fought and died for Hindustan, they sacrificed all the comfort too. Now it's our turn to prove the worth of our survival by giving this nation what it deserves after all this blood shed. Only then we deserve to celebrate our Independence Day.


I am talking about the creativity that's hidden in all of us, the Indians. Why do we look at Japan with all that respect...because they did some amazing stuff hmm? No. Because they know nothing comes to this planet for nothing. They respect their resources and optimize each thing to turn into a fully functional product. They know how-not-to-stop-creating under the pressure of Tsunami or Atomic bombs dropping on their heads... and we talk about our homo sapien boss.


Out of the many excuses that stop us from utilizing our brains to invent or recreate, I would rather talk about the simplest things we could do with that complicated muscle in the head.


Here, I would stick to the development of new technologies that led a few countries register their names in the list of the developed nations. We too are not doing bad but after 69 years of independence, it's time we release ourselves from the complacency of doing just fine. We need to upgrade ourselves from “not bad” to “outstanding” to achieve that level where we deserve to be. We are good people after all.


Now, from “just okay” to be “exemplary”, the transformation will not be overnight, right? No. We had 69 years that we spent mostly in sleeping over duties and dancing around trees. Our scientists and Army did a great job in their fields. But, we, the majority are moving in the speed which is not taking us anywhere close to that list of “developed nations”. So break the old notion that slow and steady wins the race. The winner is already there. Be fast and furious now, like our national heroes. If we have decided to move, we have to move with the escape velocity so our old attitude gets uprooted from this gravity of laidbackness.


Everything will start on the individual level. Each one will have to perform. I chose to work for a team whose vision is to create something dynamic in the world of 3D animation. Like I said, it might sound little but it's not the least. The efforts are big and results, fruitful!


Invent or recreate with all the knowledge you have gained after 17 years in school or 30 years of social interaction. Let's just take an oath that we'll perform to our best abilities to make the heroes of our nation proud of the people they are dying for. Let's all have a goal!


For us specifically, if we can't give our country our blood, we'll give her our brain, our skills.

And thus, we take an oath that “We, the team Gamentio shall prove our worth by giving our users the best of gaming experience in 3D.”


Jai Hind!


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