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Bad Rummy Cards? This is How you can Change your Fate

  • Published Date September 13, 2016
  • By Manoj Choudhary

Indian Rummy has never been a game of certain outcomes. The cards you are dealt may not be the best cards at the first glance. Yet, it’s amazing how a game can take a twist within matter of few turns. The factor of luck plays a very minor role, if any, in the Game of Indian Rummy. The worst cards can be turned into a winning hand with the right strategy and skill.

Online Rummy Passion

Keep Calm and Crush

The real beauty of Indian rummy is to accept that getting a dirty hand is the part of the game. Keeping yourself calm and collected will help you move forward and keep on crushing. This behavior may take a bit of practice to master, but in the long run it helps you to mentally visualize your strategy and actually play according to it.  To us this is the most critical skill any good card player can develop.

Give Yourself a Little Time

In any card game, be it Poker or India’s most loved game Online Rummy, giving yourself a little time to analyze the current set of cards is a good idea. When your peers start evolving in the game, you get a chance to predict their card hunt and at that time, you can swing the wind in your favor.

Are Your Cards Really Bad

It doesn’t matter how bad you consider your cards to be, they just can’t be that bad. Somebody at the game table is probably searching for the cards you are holding. Once you have sorted your cards, you should watch the discards section closely. You may get chances to pick up cards you need. Remember one players trash is another players treasure!

As soon as you can, you should discard all high cards you don’t need. Get rid of the picture cards like Jack, Queen, King and Ace.  Be careful not to discard Joker cards or cards you need for a sequence or set. This will keep your points low even if you end up losing the game.

Hold on to more flexible cards which you can form sequences with either by adding cards ahead of them or after them.  For example, if you have a 6, you can form a sequence 6, 7, 8 or 4, 5, 6. Low cards with fewer point value are good cards to hold on to.

Dropping the game in Online Rummy is another good strategy if you believe you have very poor cards and your opponents have really strong cards. This will keep your points low.


These Rummy strategies and tricks can give you the confidence to deal with poor cards that you might have. Continue to read our Rummy Gyan section for more rummy tips and tricks. With a little bit of Rummy Gyan from our expert, you can improve your game and win big even with less than average cards. A bit of practice and some mindfulness will make you an expert player in little time!

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