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Gamentio Points Scheme

Gamentio Points

  • What are Gamentio points?

    Ans. Gamentio Points are the reward points that a player earns by indulging in different activities, viz. playing and winning a game (of Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy or BlackJack), referring a friend and through Facebook sharing. These points are divided into two categories: Locked Points and Unlocked Points.

    • Locked and Unlocked Points:
      • Unlocked points are earned on Gameplay and Facebook sharing. They are readily available for redemption.
      • Locked Pointsmeans the user won't be able to redeem these points instantly. A user earns these on authentic registration and each successful referral. As and when a user (or referral) plays and wins a game, these "locked" points will start to get "unlocked" in a set pattern.

    Note: You can use the locked points to buy Gamentio Chips at any time.

  • How to earn points through various activities?
    • Registration: Sign up with Gamentio and get 500 points

      We're offering 500 locked points on registration. The number of points unlocked will be equal to the number of points won by the user in each winning hand. So, if you win 50 points in a hand, you unlock 50 points from your "locked" points too. Thus, a total of 100 points will be added to your "unlocked points". The unlocked points can be used to buy chips, gift cards, and other merchandise on Gamentio.

    • Referral: Refer your friends and get 700 points (Rs. 70) for each referral

      On each successful referral, you earn 700 Locked Points. Out of these 700 points 350 points will be unlocked as and when your friend plays and wins (the number of points that get unlocked in your account will be equal to the number of points earned by your friend on each winning hand). E.g. If your friend wins 50 points in a hand, your 50 points will get unlocked. The remaining 350 points are at your disposal to unlock by playing and winning.

      • This scheme will will be implemented from 30th, December 2016.
      • Players who registered under the old referral scheme will continue to be covered under that scheme only.
    • Gameplay: Play and win points per hand

      We have revised our point allocation method. Now the players can win 750 plus points per hand depending on the game and time. No points are allotted on losing games. All the points won on gameplay shall remain unlocked, available for redemption.

    • Facebook Sharing:

      Points awarded on Facebook sharing are unlocked points. These could be redeemed anytime. You can share and earn by following one simple step:

      • Select the "Click here to know how to Earn Chips and Points" button

      • Click on "Share and Earn" button

  • What do we do with these points?

    The Unlocked Points can be easily redeemed against the cash vouchers offered by Gamentio. Presently, a player can avail MyGyftr Recharge Coupons and Amazon Gift Cards in exchange of their Unlocked Points. Also, Unlocked Points can be used to buy Gamentio chips to play further in the game.