Gamentio Slots: How to Play

Here are steps, that a player needs to follow while playing Slots on Gamentio:

  • Register or Login to your account on Website or App
  • Choose Slots from the different available games
  • You will be directed to the Slots Screen
  • Gamentio Slots has 3 Rows and 5 Columns

Slots Screen Details

Slots Screen Details

  • Balance: A player's total available Gamentio Coins balance to play with
  • Total Win:Total Gamentio Coins won, can be seen here
  • Total Bet: The total bet for a spin
  • Settings: Touching the settings icon will provide options of Home Screen, Buy Coins and Sound On/Off
  • Max Bet: This is the Maximum amount, a player is allowed to bet before a spin. (Bet amount * Combinations)
  • Paytable: Touching this icon, will redirect the paylines combination screen and payouts screen

Payline Patterns Screen

Payline Patterns Screen will display all the possible 18 payout combinations, in which the player will win after a spin.

Payline Rules Screen

  • Payline Rules screen will display the number of coins that will be paid out, for different icons and combinations.
  • A WILD icon will substitute any other icon to form a winning line when possible.
  • When 3 or more Gamentio Coins icon appear during a spin, a bonus spin will be activated.


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Betting Details

  • Players can only bet the maximum allowable amount per spin, depending on their Gamentio coins balance.
  • Player will need to choose the bet amount and the number of payline combinations before a spin and can change multiple, before each spin.
  • The total bet amount will be, Bet amount * Number of Payline Combinations
  • Example 1: If the Bet amount is 2 and Number of Payline Combinations is 6, then the total bet amount will be, 2*6 = 12.
  • Example 2:Example 2: If the Bet amount is 5 and Number of Payline Combinations is 18, then the total bet amount will be, 5*18 = 90.
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