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10 rare card decks that will amaze you

  • Published Date August 10, 2019
  • By Admin

The custom of playing cards seems to be omnipresent. For generations, people have been gathering either daily or weekly to play their favorite card games. The market is overflowing with fascinating and intricately designed cards. The card collectors have their own choice to select the deck which they want to keep in their stash.

There is a significant number of players in the world who are avid collectors of cards. Such players are amazed by the history behind the deck or by the design of it. They enjoy collecting unique and exquisite designed deck of cards.

No doubt, there is a fantastic number of extraordinary decks out there, and each is exceptional in its way. Let’s look at the list of the most expensive and rare decks of all time. The difficulty scale of finding these decks is from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult).

1.  BLUE BLOOD: Blue Blood is unique and features hand-drawn illustrations by artists Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits. It is the first deck in Uusi’s six-deck series. These gorgeous Blue Blood playing cards are printed by US Playing Card Company. The cards are made with Bicycle Grade stock printed with an air cushion and magic finish. This rare card deck is hard to obtain as it is only available in a limited quantity of 2,500.

Difficulty: 3

Market Price: $100

Blue Blood


2. RED FONTAINE: Red Fontaine is a very limited edition playing cards. These cards were designed by Zach Mueller in 2013 with the help of a crowdfunding project by Indiegogo. The project with Indiegogo Campaign was a huge hit. It reached its goal of $10,000 within just 18 hours of posting. By the month-end, its funding was doubled. This led to high prices as card collectors saw a strong demand for it. It was sold as a premium product at eBay.

Difficulty: 3

Market Price: $200

Red Fontaine


3. ZENITH: Zenith is the first deck in the Encarded Signature Series splendidly designed by Paul Carpenter. Zenith is famous for its dramatic re-imagination of classic playing deck themes like the black and white design, the central circular medallion motif, and borderless design. The box opens sideways. It is made of elegant, thick matte black paper and it’s beautifully crafted with colourful holographic silver foil. Under the cellophane, it is sealed along with a sequential number seal (xxxx/1000).

Difficulty: 4

Market Price: $150



4. GREEN RAREBIT: It was produced by Theory 11. Green Rarebit is inspired from a vintage, speakeasy Restaurant called The Rarebit in Charleston, South Carolina. The original green foiled version was given to the patrons if their meal cost about $100. The tuck case comes in a matte black finish that highlights the intricate foil line design. Another unique element of the tuck box is that it comes with a nice custom seal.

Difficulty: 4

Market Price: $100

Green Rarebit


5. BOSS DECK: Boss Deck was printed by United States Playing Card Company. It was an additional product for a successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign. It was a fully custom deck. Stock of 2,500 decks were produced, and it was sold out instantly during the campaign.

Difficulty: 5

Market Price: $100

Boss Deck


6. EMPIRE: Empire by Kings and Crooks was a breakout project on Kickstarter. Due to its magnificent designs with bold features, it instantly got the funding. Every single card in the deck is customized, which directly reflects the personality of Lee McKenzie. The bold gold and dark red palette add more extra feel to the deck of cards.

Difficulty: 5

Market Price: $100



7. UNBRANDED BLACK RESERVE BLACK NOTE: This rare and exclusive Unbranded Reserve Black Note was produced as a part of the Federal 52 Part II which was a follow-up to the Original Federal 52 campaign. This campaign consisted of six decks such as The Silver Certificate, The White Reserve Note, and The Black Reserve Note (branded and unbranded versions). As compared to the rest of the series, The Black Reserve Note is not much of a difference, so most card collectors opted for The Unbranded Black Note. It is more coveted and perfectly designed.  This unbranded version features a George Washington crossing Delaware diptych in two panels. The black card backs are beautifully embossed with bright red foil. This deck was limited to 1,000 only.

Difficulty: 5

Market Price: $250



8. SCARLETT TALLY-HO: The Scarlett Tally-Ho is designed by Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project and was named after his daughter, Scarlett. The tuck case comes in deep red and adorned with gold foil accents. To complete the custom case, the interior side of the tuck has a lattice pattern. The cards are completely custom court cards having two metallic ink accents on the face and one gold metallic ink accent on the back presented in a bold and intricate design. This card comes in a limited Gold Edition with Gold Gilt edges. Scarlett Tally-Ho produced only 200 decks.

Difficulty: 4

Market Price: $180



9. VENEXIANA GOLD: Venexiana Gold playing card exhibits an exquisite work which is designed and produced by Lotrek. It is one of the first-ever playing card decks in which each card’s back is hot stamped with gold foil. The tuck case comes in gold foil. The Venexiana faces of the deck are also printed with metallic gold ink. It is printed on 3300gsm French casino card stock, and only 212 decks have been created.

Difficulty: 5

Market Price: $425



10. MICROSOFT DAVID BLAINE: Microsoft David Blaine is unique and hard to obtain. It is produced by expert playing card company. It has been said that Blaine performed in a Microsoft sponsored function and these cards were given to Microsoft interns in 2015. Only 2015 decks were printed. The deck features a double seal Split Spades, which is why it is challenging to find this deck.

Difficulty: 5

Market Price: $425 starting auction price


From the points mentioned above, it can be said that the playing cards market is still strong all over the world. However, do you prefer to buy any of these amazing and expensive deck of cards if you get an opportunity to buy them from an auction? Is it worth to spend money on these? Or rather, do you prefer to play card games online?

Let us know in the comments below.

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