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Learn Poker, Teen Patti and More Card Games With Gamentio Classrooms

  • Published Date May 2, 2017
  • By ridhima arora


Card games classroom


Card games are very popular worldwide. In India, Poker, Rummy and Teen Patti are the most popular online card games. From young adults to retired folks, the appeal of card games is unparalleled to any other online game.


However, in our fast-paced tech savvy lives it's difficult to find time to play these games and actually learn them.

Don't get disheartened, that's what I'm here for. Let me introduce to you Gamentio- the online 3D social casino.


Believe me, I’m not making any false pretenses here. Gamentio, unlike others, is a free  real-time multi-player card game platform where users can play, learn and engage by playing against each other. Moreover, you don't have to worry about inputting credit card details upon registration, unlike in other games, which is comforting for someone like me who likes to first see what the app is about before investing time and money in it.


It’s a great platform that combines learning and fun. A player may count on Gamentio Classrooms to learn the much-needed skills and tactics required to ace the game.


Through tutorials, a player can learn about how to minimize his losses during a bad streak and maximize his winnings during a good one. Master how to make a pure sequence in Rummy to when to play blind in Teen Patti to what’s a royal flush in Poker to what are the right pairs to split in BlackJack and much more.



Start by picking a game of your choice and click on the tab “Classroom”.  

Say, you choose to click on Poker.



In-game carousels will introduce you to the basics of the game as well as the objective, rules and the technical terms associated. Basically, a quick run through, enough, to help you get started.


After you have gained enough confidence with the basics, click on the “Learn in-game” tab to move on to the practice rooms. These are real time game rooms (not prototypes) where you can practice for hours and are given hints at every step, every hand, and every round.



A player can move onto the live rooms once he/she has practiced enough. To make the learning effective, test your capabilities by playing with your friends or international players from across the world. Also, Gamentio has an excellent reward system where players earn points on each winning hand.


But players do not play just one game and become masters.  If you want to be an excellent player, it’s going to take a lot of practice and time. Not to worry, on Gamentio you can learn and play for unlimited hours without spending a penny from your pocket.


In my opinion, it’s a win-win proposition for players — learning via playing and the points which are awarded on winning hands can then be redeemed for various cash vouchers. Isn’t it just amazing, especially for all the shopaholics like me!  

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