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Why Online Poker is better than Live Poker

  • Published Date June 2, 2016
  • By Admin



Poker bags the top position when it comes to the most popular card game worldwide. We all know that technology advancements have not just helped us save time and money, but drastically changed our overall lifestyle too. The same applies to how Poker fans like to play their favorite card game now. Here I mean to say that Poker online has incontrovertibility become the new and very popular trend in Poker industry. But why is it so that Poker players now increasingly prefer playing Poker online over land-based casinos?


Ease of playing Poker without taking the pain of travelling to a casino


Online poker rids the need of taking a cab to reach your nearest casino, thus saves both time and money. All you need to play Poker, without leaving your home, is a computer and Internet connection. You can also play Poker on your mobile devices by simply downloading your favorite Poker app.


There are many countries, like Scandinavia, where poker fans do not have an option to visit a local casino since land-based casinos don’t exist there as of now. However, availability of Poker on the internet fulfills their wish to play and enjoy the game, without bearing the hefty expense of going to Vegas and spending a lot of time in traveling to pursue their passion for Poker.

No advantage to your opponents to bluff you by reading your facial expressions

In a land-based casino, it’s very easy for players to use bluff techniques to their advantage by reading each other’s facial expressions. Knowing that, new players often become conscious of their expressions while playing in a land-based casino, and feel the obvious discomfort. However, nobody can watch you and analyze your facial expressions when you are playing on a computer screen or mobile device. With poker on the Internet, players have to rely on betting patterns, speed of play, the chat box and flop percentages to predict the result of the game.


Poker players can hone their skills by participating in free online Poker sessions

Since online casinos offer free practise games, you can learn and master the skills of winning Poker hands before you feel confident enough to play Poker tournaments online with real money bets.  No such concept of free poker sessions exists in land-based casinos, which often results into loss of money (sometimes huge) for the players who are new to Poker and need sometime to learn Poker strategy.

Chance to play many Poker variations online

One of many advantages of playing online Poker is that players get to play different types of Poker, from the most popular No Limit Texas Hold'em to less popular Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Low. Land-based casinos do not offer variety of Poker games to players, which prevents them from improving their skills. According to Poker experts, regular players feel encouraged to try variety of Poker games that they never got a chance to play in land-based casinos.


The Internet makes it a doddle to learn playing Texas Hold’em Poker online and other Poker variants. Moreover, Poker sites also offer online poker tips to start winning Poker hands.    


Higher rate of hands per hour

In contrast to land-based casinos where dealers have to collect, shuffle and deal the cards after every hand, online casinos have automatic functions to perform the same tasks. As a result, an average of 60 hands are played in online Poker room, whereas only 30 hands/hour are played  in live Poker. Fast speed of online Poker allows players to play more hands, which means more chances of winning. Also, players can play on multiple tables in online Poker rooms.


Welcome bonuses, prizes and incentives

Online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players and exciting rewards to regular players as a gesture of token for their loyalty. In a land based casino, the most a player can expect is a free-drink. As there is an abundance of online Poker sites, they compete against each other and run various promotional campaigns to increase their user base. Many Poker sites offer free chips to new players  upon registration and other enticing rewards for inviting their friends to play Poker on those sites.

Unique Opportunity to win big progressive jackpots

Online casinos make it possible for players to play and win a progressive jackpot Poker game, which is not possible in land-based casinos. Poker Ride, Progressive Cyberstud Poker and Caribbean Draw Poker are some of the examples of progressive jackpot Poker games that offer a jackpot of many thousands for a royal flush. Actually, the jackpot for a royal flush keeps on growing until someone wins it.


All the above benefits of playing Poker online are luring more and more Poker players into joining online Poker rooms on daily basis. You don’t need to wait for too long or save money for years just to enjoy your favorite card game, as you can simply logon to your computer right now or anytime you are comfortable and enjoy the enthralling online Poker sessions.

If you have ever played online Poker and would like to add on to why online Poker is better than live Poker, please add them in the comment box below.

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