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8 Fastest Ways to earn Coins on Gamentio

  • Published Date December 29, 2019
  • By Admin

Gamentio is one of the leading portals that offer the best online casino games for real money. It is an attractive 3D social gaming platform that combines multiple card games online into one free app. You can play all your favourite games, just under one roof. With customizable 3D avatars, command-based gestures, and a great user interface, the gameplay on Gamentio is more social and interactive. This website not only provides a platform to play card games but also offers rewards, cash prizes, etc. The currency that the portal uses is ‘Coins’.

Before knowing how to earn Coins on Gamentio first we should know what you can do with these coins that Gamentio offers. The idea is that many other platforms provide virtual money to their users and they earn them by playing games, but can only utilise these coins for just Avatar, dresses purchase and rooms unlocking whereas on Gamentio you can use them to participate in online auctions. Auctions are one of the most popular hangs for our users. On Gamentio you can bid on high-end products such as Mobile phone, TV, DSLR camera, shopping vouchers, fashion accessories, and many more products that too at a fraction of the price.

Now, let’s know the fastest ways to earn coins on Gamentio.

Login Bonus: 

Gamentio offers free 250 coins to its users on the first login. This free bonus is given to new players so that they can play and try out the games without depositing anything. To claim 250 coins, simply register and verify your mobile number and your email account. The bonus amount will be released instantly to your account. Players can use these coins smartly and continue to earn more and more coins with every game they play. With these coins, they can play coin games, Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti etc. Also, one can participate in coin tournaments to increase one’s coin stack.

Play various games: 

A player can earn coins by playing games like Rummy, Teen Patti, Poker, Blackjack and Solitaire. It is an excellent way to keep yourself entertained and earn coins side by side. You can play these games for fun, and if you win, you can win lots of coins on Gamentio, which can be redeemed utilised in Auctions. So, pick any game of your choice and earn coins while enjoying and having fun.


You can also earn coins by referring to your friend. On each successful referral, you will instantly get 40 coins. Once your referral will sign-up using the invite link sent by you, along with the verification of their mobile number, your referral will get 250 welcome coins. Whereas, you will also get an additional 60 coins after the verification of the mobile number by your referral. So, you will get a total of 100 coins for every one successful referral. You can refer your family and friends through SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you are inviting via Whatsapp or any other medium, you will get 60 points only after your referral confirms their mobile number.


Gamentio is known for organizing thrilling Coins and Real Cash Tournaments on daily basis. You can earn plenty of coins by playing online Teen Patti Tournaments, Rummy Tournaments, and Poker Tournaments. The other tournaments apart from coin tournaments that are held on a daily basis are freeroll, satellite. In Satellite Tournaments, you get an opportunity to get a free entry to the mega tournament “rs 15K GTD”, and in freeroll tournament you can win real cash which can be easily withdrawn. Hence, it is a platform where you can test your skills and win lots of coins and real cash.


You can also play slots to earn coins. All you have to do is play the game, match symbols along with paylines, make winning combinations, and earn coins. Arrangement of symbols in specific patterns determine winning results. Different combinations offer different coins. Online slots are an excellent way of busting the unnecessary stress. Slots allow you to have low-risk fun while maintaining the thrill and possibility of a big win. Play slots on Gamentio, earn coins and relax your mind. Just spin, grin, and win!

Watch Ads: 

You can watch advertisements on Gamentio App and earn free coins. During games, all you have to do is follow the pop-up ads and watch the entire video to earn more coins. This is one of the easiest methods of increasing your earnings. The more you watch, the more you earn.

Collect Daily Rewards: 

Collecting daily rewards is also an easy way to earn free coins. Users who have installed the Gamentio app on their Android or iOS devices get daily free rewards. Poker and Rummy is a game that needs dedication, concentration and perseverance to gain proficiency in the game. So, when one has gained mastery in the game with full dedication and patience, they need some reinforcement. This reinforcement comes in the form of daily rewards. As compared to a traditional casino, Gamnetio provides daily rewards to its users. So, one must log in everyday to be eligible for these rewards.

Solitaire contests: 

One of the versatile and enjoyable games is Solitaire. It is a game of patience and calculations. Gamentio organises many Solitaire contests on their website and app. Play this calculative game and win lots of coin rewards that you can easily use in all other games too. All you need to do is play, relax, and win. Sharpen your brain and earn good bucks through these Solitaire contests.

I hope this blog will help you earn lots of coins and make the best use of those coins by winning auctions. Stay tuned for more on Gamentio Card Games Tips and Tricks.

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