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How to Play Double Solitaire?

  • Published Date June 12, 2020
  • By Admin

 How to play double solitaire card game online? Rules & Tips

Solitaire is a single-player game and is a mixture of skill and luck, which makes it a challenging game with a simple format. It is the classic game for every loner. If you want to kill your boredom, playing solitaire is the best game to do so. But want to crank up the fun a notch? Double Solitaire is the game for you then - one of the popular versions of Solitaire games. If you have played traditional Solitaire, you should try this variant. In this game, two players can play instead of one. You will enjoy the nuances presented in this game.  Don’t worry, it is easy to learn, and you will learn it in a jiffy. So, let’s begin.

Game Setup

As the name suggests,  two players can play the game and with two decks of 52 playing cards. Each player sits facing against each other. They layout their cards in a traditional Solitaire format with one difference: both players share the same foundation area. Make sure that the two decks the players chose aren’t the same as each other. They must have a different back pattern.

Objective of the Game

The objective of the game is to be the first person to make eight foundation piles, beginning with Ace and moving up in the ascending order to King.

The Tableau

The cards are layout in a traditional Solitaire format: 28 cards in seven piles, each with the top cards faced up and the rest of the remaining cards face-down. The left-hand pile has a single card, the second pile holds two cards, with the top card face-up, and so on until the right-hand side pile has seven cards. Each player will begin the game with a stack of 24 cards face down. 

Turn-Based Gameplay

The gameplay rules of the Double Solitaire are the same as the Solitaire rules. Each player gets a deck, and they lay out their own tableau. The player with the lowest card face-up (farthest to the left) begins the game. If it is a tie, players can use pile two, and whoever has the lowest ranking face-up card begins. 

Just like regular Solitaire, on the player's turn, they make a series of moves. They can move their cards around their layout, move them to the foundation piles, or can remove them from their discard pile. Their turn ends when they cannot or will not make any moves. A player can show this by turning over the face-down card from their stock and discarding it. Then the opponent has their turn. The gameplay continues in the same way until a player has moved all of their cards. The game concludes when any of the players form all their cards to the foundation piles or if both players have no moves left. 


In a double Solitaire card game, the score is based on the number of cards left with each player. Scores are calculated once either of the players wins the round or when both the players fail to make out any move and decide to end the game. For instance, if Player A wins the round and Player B has remaining eight cards on the board, Player A is rewarded with eight points.

If you are a pro on how to play Solitaire, then double solitaire will pack in an extra punch for those boring afternoons. Sign up on Gamentio, challenge your mind and relax by playing solitaire games free.

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