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General FAQs

Gamentio General FAQs with Answers

  • Explain the locked and unlocked points system?

    Ans.The locked and unlocked points system works as follows:-

    • On Registration: Users get 500 points on registration. These points are Locked. As and when a user plays on Gamentio they will not only, get points on winning hands, but also unlock equivalent locked points. For e.g. If after registration you play a hand and win 10 points, you will also unlock 10 points from the 500 locked points credited to you on registration. So, all in all you get 10 + 10 = 20 points.
    • On Successful Referrals: On each successful referral, a user gets 700 points. These points are Locked. Out of this 350 points will be unlocked as and when your friends play and win, while the remaining 350 locked points you can unlock yourself by playing and winning.
    • On Gameplay: Only winning hands receive points on game play and it goes up to 750 points. Points awarded on gameplay are Unlocked and can be redeemed at the users will.
    • Facebook Sharing: Points awarded on Facebook sharing to users are unlocked points.

  • Verification Criteria
    • What is mobile number registration and how to do it ? Ans. It is now compulsory for all Gamentio users to register their phone numbers to redeem unlocked points. It's a two step process as explained below:
      • Step 1 - Click on the exclamation sign and enter your mobile number and then click on save.
      • Step 2 - Enter the Verification Code sent to the mobile number provided by you and then Click on confirm.


      • This is a one time compulsory procedural requirement, so please ensure you do it soon to redeem your points smoothly.
      • You can register one mobile number with one login ID, only.
      • Once you have registered a mobile number you cannot change it so please enter your number carefully and in case you have made an error, edit it before hitting the submit button.
    • What is a verified Facebook account ? Ans. A verified Facebook account means the user has done one of three things on Facebook:
      • verified the user phone number by SMS
      • registers for mobile
      • verified a credit card
    • What is a verified Gamentio user account ? Ans. A verified Gamentio account is one where-in -:
      • A user registers using their verified Facebook account (See above answer),
      • OR
      • A user registers using their email address AND a verified phone number. The phone verification will be done by Gamentio by sending an OTP. This verification is one time only.
    • What happens if my Gamentio account doesn't meet the verification criteria? Ans. You will still be able to use the site, play the games and accumulate points normally. But you will be asked to verify your account when you try to Redeem your Points.
  • Can I choose more than one Avatar on Gamentio? Ans. Yes, you can choose more than one Avatar on Gamentio. You can change your 3D Avatar as and when you desire,or, select a previous Avatar from your Avatar History.
  • Can I stay anonymous on Gamentio? Ans. The information you furnish to Gamentio upon signing up is not accessible by anyone else. While playing only the screen name, that you have chosen, will be visible to the other players.
  • How to maximize your points on Gamentio ? Ans. Here's how you can maximize your points by playing on Gamentio :-
    • If you have good cards, keep playing. Do not fold, pack or discard.
    • Your objective is to force the opponent into either Folding or him asking for a Show.
    • You can do this by increasing your bets also.
    The point is, if the game progresses for a longer duration you not only, get the whole pot as a winner but also, higher Points! Happy Gaming !!! Register Now
  • How do I check how many Points I have redeemed on Gamentio? Ans. You can check the total number of points collected/redeemed/remaining simply by logging into your Gamentio account and viewing MyVouchers link at the top right corner.
  • What's the difference between a Voucher (that Gamentio offers) and a Discount Coupon (that other sites offer)? Ans. A voucher that Gamentio offers can be traded instantly, for cash benefits such as a mobile recharge (on MyGyftr) or online shopping (on Amazon), as though it is actual money.
  • How are the points/Chips awarded while playing on Gamentio? Ans. System of distribution of points is as under:-
    How to earn Chips and Points
    Direct registration on website/through facebook account Earn 500Points Earn 150,000 Chips Register Now
    Share once a day on Facebook Earn 20 Points on each share Earn 18,000 Chips on each share Share Now
    Invite Friends Earn 700 points on each friend* Earn 30,000 Chips on each friend* Invite Now
    points on winning hand Up to 750 points Play Now
  • * 700 points will be awarded only when your friend registers using a verified facebook account know more
  • Can I play with real money on Gamentio ? Ans. NO, Gamentio is not a real money Gambling site.All the games on Gamentio are played using virtual Chips which you receive on signing up. (Sign Up, Play Now) . If you lose all your gamentio coins (chips) then you have the option to purchase them via the available . Alternatively you can get chips by Redeeming your points.
  • Is there an age limit to play on Gamentio? Ans. Gamentio 3D Poker, Rummy and Teen Patti are suitable for individuals of age 13 years and above.
  • Do I need to give any bank or credit/debit card details to join and play on Gamentio? Ans. All Gamentio games are played with virtual currency that you receive on signing up,therefore, NO bank details or credit/debit card details are required to play on Gamentio. (Sign Up, Play Now) . Also, when you purchase chips via Credit/Debit card, you are redirected to Payment Gateways. Gamentio doesn't store your credit/debit card info in any case.
  • Can I play with only my friends on Gamentio ? Ans. Yes, the Gamentio 3D gaming experience allows you to invite and play with your friends by way of creating Private Rooms to enhance the gaming experience even more. Play Now .
  • Can I pause a game in the middle and resume it later ? Ans. No, Gamentio 3D games cannot be paused. If at any time a player wants to quit a game , they can do so by leaving the game by choosing Exit to Lobby option.
  • Can I play offline on Gamentio ? Ans. No, Gamentio does not provide offline gaming services. However, Gamentio 3D games can be played comfortably on varied internet speeds.
  • How many players can play at one table? Ans. The number of players that can play at a table are :
    Game Min. no. of players Max. no. of players
    Rummy 2 4
    Teen Patti 2 7
    Poker 2 6
  • How are the cards distributed in Gamentio ? Ans. Gamentio uses a highly specialised randomization algorithm that ensures thorough shuffling and distribution of cards. If, you're experiencing consecutive losses please do not get disheartened and continue playing to increase your chances at winning. Play Now
  • What sort of privacy and security does Gamentio provide? Ans. Gamentio has a very sound Privacy Policy in place to make you feel secure. For more information view details.
  • What's the time limit within which I have to make my move? Ans. Each player gets fifteen seconds to make a move shown by way of a countdown timer. However, due to inherent differences in the gameplay of each Game on Gamentio the rules regarding time lapses vary. Please refer to individual Game's Rules for better understanding. (Poker Rules, Rummy Rules, Teen Patti Rules).
  • How does the Point referral system work on Gamentio? Ans. To help our users understand the referral points system of Gamentio better, we have summarised the steps they may follow to maximise the number of points they can earn, as under:-
    1. Generate the unique link from your Profile on the Gamentio Website by clicking on the ribbon ''Click here to know how to Earn Coins and Points'' at the Top (as shown below).
    2. Share this Unique Referral Link with your friends on Social Media, Email, SMS or Whatsapp.
    3. When a friend clicks on the link, he/she is redirected to Gamentio.com.
    4. If a friend Registers:-
      1. Via Facebook by clicking ''Sign Up With Facebook'' button:
        • Friend gets 500 Points
        • You get 700** points
      2. Via Gamentio Registration Form:
        • Friend gets 500 Points
  • Why has my Account been deactivated/Blocked ? Ans. Your account must have been deactivated due to any of the following reasons:-
    • If you are running suspicious activities on Gamentio.com, specifically for the purpose of earning and redeeming Referral Points, OR
    • If our investigation has revealed that your referrals are fake Facebook IDs/Users created specifically to exploit the Referral System on Gamentio, OR
    • If you have signed up using fake/ non-verified Account.
    Consequent to this, all your earned points will hereby be forfeited and your account will be blocked. (Disclaimer) Note: Please refrain from indulging in any such illegal or unethical practices. Failing to do so will force us to initiate more stringent legal proceedings against you.
  • Why have my Vouchers have been declined/rejected ? Ans.Your voucher request(s) will be declined if your Facebook Referrals are from invalid/fake email ID's and Non-Verified Facebook accounts. Points that are earned through genuine email/Facebook referral or gameplay are only taken into consideration for the purpose of redeeming Vouchers.

**Gamentio will give you 700 Points ONLY when, a friend whom you've referred, registers using Facebook and not directly using their email id. Keep in mind that a friend has to first Register on Gamentio and then download the App, and not vice versa.


Gamentio.com reserves the right to assess the authenticity/legitimacy of a Registered/Referred user's Account(s). Should a user attempt to, register with more than one Account in any manner or form, the company reserves the right to :-

  1. Suspend/Delete/Deactivate/Ban your Account(s),
  2. Bar you from using or accessing the Services in the future,
  3. Impose restrictions upon your ability to use the Services provided by Gamentio,
  4. Report any suspicious or potentially illegal activity to Legal or Governmental authorities.
For more information please contact support@gamentio.com
  • Is the referral scheme open to everyone? Ans. Every registered Gamentio user can earn points, but for now the points can be redeemed only on Indian Websites. We're working on integrating international sites and soon our international users will also be able to redeem their points against Vouchers.
  • What are the English and Hindi names of the suites in card games ? Ans. The four suits are:

We hope you find the above information helpful. Please contact us at support@gamentio.com for any further details, we would love to hear from you.