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About us
Meet our Team!!

About Us

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Dear Players, it’s time to meet the crazy geniuses who contributed in various ways and made Gamentio a fantastic reality. Here they are, the Heroes of Gamentio!!!

Our Team

  • Sumeet Arora

    Architect and Lead Developer

    Gamentio's Architect

  • Ankit Arora


    The Marketing Wizard

  • Nitin Joshi

    Senior Research Analyst

    What do you want to know? Just ask...Go ahead...Anything!

  • Shiwani Arora

    Manager Operations

    Managing operations and ensuring their optimal execution!

  • Rumika Joshi

    The Critic

    She has an eye for any variance and hands to break any stable product.

  • Sushil Kakkar

    Marketing Lead

    The resident marketing whiz kid and a poker veteran

  • Nikhel Bisht

    Game Developer

    When I code, I code to play

  • Gaurav Rawat

    3D Character Artist & UX Designer

    A Visualizer. A Wanderer. A Restless Soul.

  • Hemant Nayal

    CG Texturing Artist

    The Canvas I use explores the depth of my Palette.

  • Ritesh Rajvanshi

    Game Developer

    I don't think, I develop.....I don't Game,
    I Live it.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    AI Programmer

    I am the Creator and Teacher of those smart people ( AI ) who don't exist.

  • Inder Singh


    One of those wizards who knitted this beautiful game with finesse & yet miles to go

  • Priyanka Puspwan

    UI Designer

    I take pride in designing flawless & stunning UI Designs.You Imagine & I'll Design it !!

  • Gaurav Gupta

    Software Engineer Backend (Java)

    I engineer the Code around the Logic.

  • Drishti Sethi

    Game Developer Backend

    Play on Code on. Game for life.

  • Kailash Khanduri

    3D Technical Artist

    If you can think impossible...you can make it possible

  • Mohit Joshi

    Quality Analyst

    You name it, I test it! Achieving excellence with accurate and reliable results.

  • Sumit Kumar Verma

    Quality Analyst

    Well, I don't make software, but I sure make it better through testing.

  • Manish Bajpai

    Concept Artist

    Give a shape to your imagination and guide you to next phase

  • Suman Uniyal


    The animator who imparts energy, vitality and spirit to 3D Model.

  • Ankita Panwar

    Game Developer

    I Code to rule..!!!

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ديدگاه ها
Posted on 10/19/15 5:12 AM.
very nice working in gamentio my best heros
Posted on 11/21/16 1:34 PM.